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doc Editorial: "Each Race For Its Own" (ddr-densho-69-14)
Full headline: "Each Race For Its Own. America for Americans, Japan for the Japanese."
doc Editorial: "European Immigration" (ddr-densho-69-22)
"European Immigration. An Entirely Different Thing From the Invasion of Orientals."
doc "Unanimous for Japanese Restriction" (ddr-densho-69-12)
Full headline: "Unanimous For Japanese Restriction. Legislators Are All of One Mind. Governor Pardee Also Is in Full Accord."
doc "Mass Meeting is Held By Local Japanese" (ddr-densho-69-24)
Full headline: "Mass Meeting is Held By Local Japanese. Speakers Advise Brown Colonists to Make No Open Fight Against Agitation, and Admit Many Charges Are True."
doc "Press and Public Unite Against the Jap" (ddr-densho-69-13)
Full headline: "Press and Public Unite Against the Jap. Press of State Wakens Commonwealth's Danger. 'Chronicle' Receives Strong Editorial Indorsement."
doc Editorial: "Japanese and Fruit" (ddr-densho-69-7)
Full headline: "Japanese and Fruit. We Had Much Better Have Neither Than Both."
Report of the California Joint Immigration Committee (ddr-densho-35-414)
doc Report of the California Joint Immigration Committee (ddr-densho-35-414)
California Joint Immigration Committee report titled: "Quota For Japan As A Remedy For Misunderstanding And Promoter Of Trade."
doc "Brown Artisans Steal Brains of Whites" (ddr-densho-69-20)
Full headline: "Brown Artisans Steal Brains of Whites. Japanese Professors Beg the Question. Public Men of the Orient Give Academic Reasons Why America Should Welcome Coolies."
doc "What a Study of Brown Race Shows" (ddr-densho-69-23)
Full headline: "What a Study of Brown Race Shows. Plain Warning From Edward Rosenberg's Investigation of the Conditions That Exist In the Land of the Mikado."
doc "Brown Men Are Most Dangerous" (ddr-densho-69-33)
Full headline: "Brown Men Are Most Dangerous. Threatened Peaceful Invasion is Worse Than War."
doc "Adult Japanese Crowd Out Children" (ddr-densho-69-11)
Full headline: "Adult Japanese Crowd Out Children. Coolie Immigrants Exercise a Baneful Influence and Generally Demoralize the Educational System of the City."