Granada (Amache)

Concentration Camp

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Newman's Drug Store (ddr-densho-159-9)
img Newman's Drug Store (ddr-densho-159-9)
George Ochikubo, a native of Portland, Oregon, was a talented photographer who took numerous photographs of the Granada (Amache) concentration camp, Colorado. He used a 4x5 speed graphic camera.
Memorial service (ddr-densho-159-151)
img Memorial service (ddr-densho-159-151)
Memorial service for Amache servicemen killed in action.
Concentration camp entrance (ddr-densho-159-216)
img Concentration camp entrance (ddr-densho-159-216)
Also pictured are the MP station and property office.
High school typing class (ddr-densho-159-73)
img High school typing class (ddr-densho-159-73)
Amache High School. Teacher: Marguerite Anderson. Student to right of teacher: Toshiko Sakamoto Aiboshi.