Granada (Amache)

Concentration Camp

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Barracks and street (ddr-densho-159-7)
img Barracks and street (ddr-densho-159-7)
Group in front of Block 7-F, the camp's Block Information Office. Japan's Red Cross sent barrels of soy sauce, packages of miso and tea to Amache via the exchange ship USS Gripsholm. Each block received a portion of the shipment.
Japanese Americans making mochi (ddr-densho-159-162)
img Japanese Americans making mochi (ddr-densho-159-162)
Preparing mochi (rice cakes) for New Year's celebrations.
MP honor guard (ddr-densho-159-135)
img MP honor guard (ddr-densho-159-135)
Memorial service for Amache servicemen killed in action.
High school principal's office (ddr-densho-159-66)
img High school principal's office (ddr-densho-159-66)
Pictured is H.K. Walther, principal of Amache high school. Center: Haruko Kubo, right: Eiko (last name unknown).
Japanese Americans in the snow (ddr-densho-159-54)
img Japanese Americans in the snow (ddr-densho-159-54)
For this conference, delegates from other camps visited Amache.