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    "bio": "This interview centers on these individuals' military service during WWII as members of I Company, part of the 442nd Regimental Combat Team, an all-Japanese American fighting unit and one of the most highly decorated military units in U.S. history. During this interview they discuss their experiences training at Camp Shelby, Mississippi and fighting in Europe during such battles as battle of the \"Lost Battalion.\" They also explore the importance of their enduring camaraderie, evident in their frequent reunions over the past fifty years. Also mentioned is Shiro Kashino, a staff sergeant in the 442nd wrongly court-martialed after a scuffle in a bar in which a military police officer was struck by one of Kashino's men. Although Kashino's involvement in the scuffle had been limited to trying to break up the fight, he spent the rest of the war in the stockade -- released only to fight in battles.",
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