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Newspaper article from scrapbook page (ddr-densho-35-319)
doc Newspaper article from scrapbook page (ddr-densho-35-319)
Newspaper article titled: "G.I. Japyank." Newspaper unknown.
Nisei soldiers (ddr-densho-325-114)
img Nisei soldiers (ddr-densho-325-114)
Sumito Horiuchi on right with unknown soldier
Two men (ddr-densho-252-6)
img Two men (ddr-densho-252-6)
(Left to right) Fred Wataru Taniguchi, unknown.
Staff list (ddr-densho-280-1)
doc Staff list (ddr-densho-280-1)
The staff list of an unknown newspaper.
Two children (ddr-densho-9-4)
img Two children (ddr-densho-9-4)
Katsuyo Hoshino (left) and (first name unknown) Tashiro.
Friends (ddr-densho-252-94)
img Friends (ddr-densho-252-94)
(Left to right) Unknown Yamaguchi, Fred Wataru Taniguchi.
Family portrait (ddr-densho-113-16)
img Family portrait (ddr-densho-113-16)
Portrait of the Uyeda family in front of their home in Japan. Front row (L to R): Kimiye, unknown, Tetsu, Masato. Second row (L to R): Tsunematsu, Masajiro, unknown.
J.A.C.L. formal dinner party (ddr-densho-201-456)
img J.A.C.L. formal dinner party (ddr-densho-201-456)
Japanese American Citizens League formal dinner party, occasion unknown.
Japanese American woman with a small boy (ddr-densho-315-3)
img Japanese American woman with a small boy (ddr-densho-315-3)
An unknown Japanese American woman kneeling with Bruce Brimhall.
Woman (ddr-densho-252-12)
img Woman (ddr-densho-252-12)
Unknown woman in front of a house or building.
Issei men at train depot (ddr-densho-259-145)
img Issei men at train depot (ddr-densho-259-145)
Left to right: unknown man, Masuo Yasui, and Yeitaro Yamaki.
img "The Young Blades" (ddr-densho-252-26)
Three young men posed in a studio portrait. (Clockwise, from left) Shizuto Taniguchi, Hitochi Yamada, and unknown. Caption on Post-it: "Yamada Hitochi, Shizuto Taniguchi (age 20-22), unknown - "The Young Blades."