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The Kinoshita Family meeting visitors at the Minidoka main gate (ddr-fom-1-429)
img The Kinoshita Family meeting visitors at the Minidoka main gate (ddr-fom-1-429)
Left to right: Chuck Kinoshita, Fred Suyekichi Kinoshita, Mary Kinoshita, Akino Kinoshita, unknown, unknown, Father Leopold Tibesar.
Fujii Family (ddr-densho-357-370)
img Fujii Family (ddr-densho-357-370)
Left to right: Mary Fujii, Sally Fujii, Hanako Fujii, Kimiki (last name unknown), Sumi (last name unknown).
Neighbors in Keigi (ddr-densho-252-39)
img Neighbors in Keigi (ddr-densho-252-39)
(Left to right) Fusano Tsubota, Unknown, Tadashi Taniguchi, sister of Unknown Tsubota, unknown (possibly Shizuka Taniguchi), Hashikuni. Caption on Post-it: "Mother Tsubota, Tadashi Taniguchi, Mother Tsubota's sister, Hashikuni. Neighbors in Keigi."
Terakawa family (ddr-densho-357-556)
img Terakawa family (ddr-densho-357-556)
Left to right, Back row: Tansai Terakawa, Y. Terakawa, Meniko Terakawa, unknown, Chonen Terakawa. Left to right, front row: Hiroko Terakawa, Hanako Terakawa, Mrs. Terakawa, Mr. Terakawa, unknown, Mrs. C. Terakawa, unknown.
Unknown (ddr-densho-252-61)
img Unknown (ddr-densho-252-61)
Women and one man grouped around a quilt.
Unknown (ddr-densho-252-57)
img Unknown (ddr-densho-252-57)
Group portrait of women in kimono with shiji in the background.
Unknown (ddr-densho-252-71)
img Unknown (ddr-densho-252-71)
Possibly Hideto and Michie Yamanaka and their two daughters, gathered around bedding.
Unknown (ddr-densho-252-60)
img Unknown (ddr-densho-252-60)
Group photograph taken outside: three men, two women, three children.
Unknown (ddr-densho-258-200)
img Unknown (ddr-densho-258-200)
Two men, one carrying a banner and a sword and the other carrying a length of wood with animal figurines adhered to it. Dozens of cars are parked around a field.
unknown (ddr-densho-333-52)
doc unknown (ddr-densho-333-52)
Inscription on back: "From Rev. Kono -1964
Family on a dock (ddr-densho-107-8)
img Family on a dock (ddr-densho-107-8)
Front row (L to R): Takeshi, Roy, Uncle Frank Matsumoto. Back row (L to R): unknown, Mr. Nakatani, unknown, Roy's grandfather Wakamatsu Matsumoto, Mrs. Kitahara, unknown, Mrs. Muranaka, unknown, Tom (baby) held by Roy's mother, Tei Matsumoto. This picture was taken by Roy's father, Wakaji, when Roy's grandfather left for Japan to retire.
Salvation Army fresh air camp (ddr-densho-15-4)
img Salvation Army fresh air camp (ddr-densho-15-4)
Front (left to right): (first name unknown) Kinomoto, unidentified, Hiroo Yoshiro, unidentified, unidentified, unidentified, and (first name unknown) Miyauchi. Back: Raybo Obazawa, Stan Karikomi, Julius Fujihara, Hajime (last name unknown), Bob Nakasone, Nobi (?) Suyama, and Andy Shiga.