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Portrait of Kondo family (ddr-ajah-6-164)
img Portrait of Kondo family (ddr-ajah-6-164)
Caption below photo: Hajime "Henry" Kondo, his wife Eleanor, and two boys, Doug (at left) and Gary pose for well known photographer Toyo Miyatake. The two boys were 12 years apart in age. Originally from Alameda, CA.,the Kondos moved to the Los Angeles area when they returned from their World War II incarceration camp at Gila …
A basket shop owner and his family (ddr-densho-299-22)
img A basket shop owner and his family (ddr-densho-299-22)
Caption on reverse: "FEC-48-3062. 23 April 1948 / Living standards in Japan: / This photograph of a Japanese family / is to be used in a S & S feature story / on the difference in living standards / throughout Japan. Mr. T. Kakizawa / (extreme right), directs an employee / in his lacquer basket shop …
They made it! (ddr-csujad-47-20)
img They made it! (ddr-csujad-47-20)
Photograph of the arrival of the first group of incarcerees at Manzanar. The car has a chain from its front bumper attached to the army truck in front of it. A photographer is standing to the right in front of a line of people. Two soldiers are looking toward the camera from the back of the …
Obon Festival- Mayoral speech (ddr-one-1-206)
img Obon Festival- Mayoral speech (ddr-one-1-206)
Black and white photographic negative of Portland Mayor Dorothy McCullough Lee giving a speech at the Portland Obon festival while dancers and spectators watch. Photographers are taking pictures near the podium. Man behind stairs leading up to the podium is Matsutaro Muramatsu. Woman on right edge of image behind a photographer is Mitsy (Kiyomura) Takeoka. A …
U.S. generals in charge of the Pacific Theater (ddr-njpa-1-1418)
img U.S. generals in charge of the Pacific Theater (ddr-njpa-1-1418)
Caption on reverse: Headquarters South Pacific Base Command--Stars glittered under a bright tropical sun as five Pacific generals posed for an Army photographer following a review presented by the 25th Infantry Division, veterans of Guadalcanal and New Georgia, for Lieut. Gen. R.C. Richardson, Jr., Commanding General of Pacific Ocean Areas, during his recent inspection tour of …
George Ochikubo Collection (ddr-densho-159)
Collection George Ochikubo Collection (ddr-densho-159)
This collection is comprised of photographs taken by George Ochikubo, a native of Portland, Oregon. During World War II, he and his family were removed to the Granada (Amache) concentration camp, Colorado, where he took numerous striking and dramatic photographs using a 4x5 speed graphic camera. In memory of George Ochikubo.
Masao Sakagami Collection (ddr-densho-201)
Collection Masao Sakagami Collection (ddr-densho-201)
This collection contains photographs and documents from the collection of Masao Sakagami. The photos were taken by Mr. Sakagami when he was serving with the 442nd Regimental Combat Team during World War II.
Hideo Takeuchi Collection (ddr-densho-204)
Collection Hideo Takeuchi Collection (ddr-densho-204)
This collection consists of photographs from Hideo Takeuchi, who was in the Granada (Amache) concentration camp, Colorado, during World War II. Mr. Takeuchi was employed as a firefighter while in camp. While in camp, he purchased a Bessel 620 camera though a catalog and built a darkroom and enlarger to process his photographs.
Collection Yoshio "Kokomo Joe" Kobuki Collection (ddr-densho-234)
The Yoshio "Kokomo Joe" Kobuki Collection contains approximately 30 photographs of jockey Yoshi "Kokomo Joe" Kobuki and his winning mounts (June 1941-October 1941). Includes races in Crescent City, Pleasanton, Fresno, and Eureka, CA.
Gerald Kajitani Collection (ddr-densho-294)
Collection Gerald Kajitani Collection (ddr-densho-294)
The Gerald Kajitani Collection consists of 73 Kodachrome slides taken by Gerald Kajitani at the 1974 Tule Lake pilgrimage.
Evan Johnson Collection (ddr-manz-3)
Collection Evan Johnson Collection (ddr-manz-3)
The Evan Johnson Collection consists of photographs taken by Evan Johnson when he came to Manzanar in December, 1969 with a group from UC Davis Asian American Studies Department. In these images, he captured a moment in history: the birth of a grassroots movement that led to the creation of the Manzanar Committee, which in turn …
Paul Bannai Collection (ddr-densho-346)
Collection Paul Bannai Collection (ddr-densho-346)
The Paul Bannai Collection consists of a photograph album of documenting the Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internment of Civilians hearings. Images include meetings of the Seattle committee and scenes from the Seattle, Washington D.C., and Los Angeles hearings.
Mizu Sugimura Collection (ddr-densho-384)
Collection Mizu Sugimura Collection (ddr-densho-384)
The Mizu Sugimura Collection consists of photographs documenting the first Day of Remembrance which took place in Seattle, Washington on November 25, 1978. Mizu Sugmiura and Yasushi Satomi recorded their participation by taking these photographs. The images show the beginning of the event where participants gathered at the site of the former Sick's Stadium. From there …
Hiroshi Eguchi Collection (ddr-densho-460)
Collection Hiroshi Eguchi Collection (ddr-densho-460)
1 photograph containing an image of Asian American students at a conference in front of UW building.
Dorothea Lange Collection (ddr-densho-151)
Collection Dorothea Lange Collection (ddr-densho-151)
The Dorothea Lange Collection, March-July 1942, features photographs taken by Dorothea Lange, who was hired by the government to visually record the World War II incarceration of Japanese Americans. The photographs document the many different stages of mass removal and incarceration in California and contain original captions written by Dorothea Lange.
Lone Pine depot, some arrived by train (ddr-csujad-47-40)
img Lone Pine depot, some arrived by train (ddr-csujad-47-40)
Photograph taken at the Lone Pine train depot of two train cars, one with open sliding doors and a pile of luggage in front of it. Several military police are standing in a group in the front of the photograph. A group of incarcerees are standing behind the military police. A photographer can be seen kneeling …
CSU Dominguez Hills Owen Sylvester Tule Lake Photo Collection (ddr-csujad-13)
Collection CSU Dominguez Hills Owen Sylvester Tule Lake Photo Collection (ddr-csujad-13)
The Owen M. Sylvester Photograph Collection (1942-1943, undated) contains 32 black-and-white photographs taken by Sylvester at Tule Lake. The majority of the photographs were taken inside the Tule Lake Incarceration Camp in Newell, California in November 1943 and feature scenes containing housing quarters, the stockade area, imprisoned Japanese Americans, and members of the 772nd Military Police …
James G. Lindley Collection (ddr-densho-160)
Collection James G. Lindley Collection (ddr-densho-160)
These photographs are from the collection of James G. Lindley, project director of the Granada (Amache) concentration camp. The scans were made from color slides depicting everyday life in Granada, with an emphasis on camp personnel and administrative staff.
Kuwahara Family Collection (ddr-densho-363)
Collection Kuwahara Family Collection (ddr-densho-363)
Photograph of the wedding party at Sam Sakamoto and Hanaye (Fujiwara) Sakamoto's wedding. The photograph was taken by Frank C. Hirahara. To view more photographs of the Sakamoto wedding and other photographs taken by Frank C. Hirahara please visit the Japanese American Museum of Oregon's Frank C. Hirahara Collection. Heart Mountain photographs concentrating on Kimi Kuwahara …
Shiuko Sakai Collection (ddr-one-2)
Collection Shiuko Sakai Collection (ddr-one-2)
The collection consists of photographic prints, negatives and watercolor paintings taken or made while the creator was incarcerated at the Minidoka concentration camp during World War II and after when she worked as an administrative assistant for Army Intelligence in Occupied Japan. The bulk of the collection is focused on the photographic prints the creator took …
Frank C. Hirahara Collection (ddr-one-1)
Collection Frank C. Hirahara Collection (ddr-one-1)
Photographs taken by Frank C. Hirahara during the post-war resettlement years in Portland, Oregon. This collection includes over 1500 photographic prints, negatives, and 35mm color slides along with personal artifacts and other historical records. These newly discovered images focus on missing facets of Portland’s Japanese American community from 1948 - 1954, as well as Hirahara’s award …
Minidoka Remembered Memory Book (ddr-densho-375-1)
doc Minidoka Remembered Memory Book (ddr-densho-375-1)
Yearbook-esque memory book of the 2003 Minidoka Reunion in Seattle, Washington. Book contains portraits of attendees and candid photographs of the reunion.
War Relocation Authority, Minidoka Collection (ddr-fom-1)
Collection War Relocation Authority, Minidoka Collection (ddr-fom-1)
The War Relocation Authority, Minidoka Collection contains a set of previously undigitized negatives take between 1943 and 1945 at Minidoka. These negatives were held at the National Archives and were digitized by the Friends of Minidoka. Topics include: camp scenes, education, fire crews, farming, religion, sports, and vocations.
Catalina Island Isthmus (ddr-csujad-43-273)
img Catalina Island Isthmus (ddr-csujad-43-273)
Aerial photograph number SP-4938 of the Isthmus on Santa Catalina Island. See this object in the California State Universities Japanese American Digitization project site: ter_05_012
Catalina Island Isthmus (ddr-csujad-43-272)
img Catalina Island Isthmus (ddr-csujad-43-272)
Aerial photograph number SP-4936 of the Isthmus at Santa Catalina Island. See this object in the California State Universities Japanese American Digitization project site: ter_05_011