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Mr. Hattori (ddr-densho-357-388)
img Mr. Hattori (ddr-densho-357-388)
Mr. Hattori represents the Hawaiian Young Men's Buddhist Association.
Young Men's Buddhist Association (ddr-densho-357-689)
img Young Men's Buddhist Association (ddr-densho-357-689)
Hanako Terakawa's caption: "Young Men's Buddhist Association Oakland Buddhist Church about 1928, 1. Rev. Washioka, 2. Giichi Yoshioka, 3. Roy Akiyoshi."
Attendees of YMBA conference (ddr-densho-357-318)
img Attendees of YMBA conference (ddr-densho-357-318)
Itoko and Tansai Terakawa stand with other attendees of the Young Men's Buddhist Association at the Stockton conference.
Chigo Parade (ddr-densho-357-259)
img Chigo Parade (ddr-densho-357-259)
Children and the orchestra linie up to march in the Chigo parade for the first anniversary celebration of the Oakland Buddhist Church. The term "chigo" refers to "festival children," who are typically quite young and associated with temple activities. Hanako Terakawa's caption: "Chigo and Y.M.B.A. Orchestra."