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Letter denying naturalization to Issei male (ddr-densho-126-2)
doc Letter denying naturalization to Issei male (ddr-densho-126-2)
Until 1952 U.S. law forbade people of Japanese ancestry from becoming naturalized citizens. This letter was sent to George Mitsutaro Yoshihara, an issei male who applied for U.S. citizenship in 1947.
Alien certificate of identification (ddr-densho-126-6)
doc Alien certificate of identification (ddr-densho-126-6)
After the bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, Issei were required to carry identification documents because of their alien status. (Issei were barred from becoming naturalized citizens until 1952.) This document belonged to George Mitsutaro Yoshihara, a permanent U.S. resident since 1902. The identification certificate was the same size as an American passport and …