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Women in wedding party (ddr-densho-259-508)
img Women in wedding party (ddr-densho-259-508)
Women and girls in the wedding party of Fukiko Tsubota.
Wedding party (ddr-densho-259-509)
img Wedding party (ddr-densho-259-509)
Caption by Homer Yasui: "Wedding party of Fukiko Tsubota and Teizo 'Tacy' Yamagishi. This wedding took place in maybe 1937-38. The Tsubota family ran a fairly big truck farm just across the Columbia River from Hood River, in Bingen, Washington."
Young People's Christian Conference (ddr-densho-259-365)
img Young People's Christian Conference (ddr-densho-259-365)
Caption by Homer Yasui: "I think that this gathering took place in front of what was then called the Centenary Wilbur Methodist Church, in Portland I suspect that this was a YPCC--Young People's Christian Conference--because many of the Nisei are wearing identification badges."
Hood River Japanese Methodist Church Orchestra (ddr-densho-259-323)
img Hood River Japanese Methodist Church Orchestra (ddr-densho-259-323)
Caption by Homer Yasui: "The Hood River Japanese Methodist Church orchestra. This was not the same organization as the band. Here LeRoy (?) Burns was the orchestra organizer, leader and instructor. I think that Rev. [Isaac] Inouye just lent moral support. Notice that on the bass reads, 'H.R.H.S.', and 'Japanese'...HRHS of course stood for Hood …