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Three siblings (ddr-densho-107-7)
img Three siblings (ddr-densho-107-7)
Left to right: Second son, Tak (Takeshi), third son, Tom (Tsutomu), and first son, Roy (Hiroshi).
Family on an outing (ddr-densho-107-11)
img Family on an outing (ddr-densho-107-11)
Visit to Hollywood Mountain. Left to right: Uncle Frank Matsumoto, Noboru (fourth son), Tsutomu (third son), Takeshi (second son), and Roy (eldest son). Tei Matsumoto, mother of all the children, standing behind children.
Children sitting under a pepper tree (ddr-densho-107-18)
img Children sitting under a pepper tree (ddr-densho-107-18)
Front row (L to R): Hiroshi Tawa, Roy Matsumoto, Harue, Noboru, Takeshi, and Tsutomu. Back row (L to R): unknown, unknown, Setsuko Tawa, Violet Tawa, Tsuneo Tawa, and Haruko Tawa (cousin of Violet).
Siblings (ddr-densho-107-27)
img Siblings (ddr-densho-107-27)
All of Roy Matsumoto's siblings were born in the United States, but went to live in Japan. Left to right: (in chronological order) Takeshi, Tsutomu, Noboru, Harue, Isao, and Shizue.
Children sitting around a table (ddr-densho-107-16)
img Children sitting around a table (ddr-densho-107-16)
Front row (L to R): Tsutomu, Takeshi, Hiroshi Tawa, Roy Matsumoto. Back row (L to R): Noboru, Haruko Tawa, Tsuneo Tawa, Violet and Setsuko Tawa.
Family on a dock (ddr-densho-107-19)
img Family on a dock (ddr-densho-107-19)
Front row (L to R): Unknown man with child (standing), unknown woman, Noboru, Tsutomu, Teruyo Muranaka, Wakaji Matsumoto (Roy Matsumoto's father), Frank Matsumoto (Roy's uncle). Second row (L to R): Tei Matsumoto with baby Harue (Roy's mother and sister), Mrs. Muranaka and son Shigeru. Back row (L to R): unknown, Yasaku Muranaka (Roy's great uncle), unknown, …