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Children standing on a truck (ddr-densho-34-146)
img Children standing on a truck (ddr-densho-34-146)
The Hayashida and Kitamoto children are about to leave the Minidoka concentration camp for their homes on Bainbridge Island, Washington. Mr. Frank Yoshito Kitamoto bought this truck to transport both families' belongings. Yoshito Frank Kitamoto also went by Frank Yoshito Kitamoto.
Notice of classification (ddr-densho-34-127)
doc Notice of classification (ddr-densho-34-127)
Yoshito Frank Kitamoto was an Issei and therefore considered an "enemy alien." He was required to carry this classification card along with his registration certificate. By law, Issei were not allowed to become naturalized citizens until 1952.
U.S. citizen identification card (ddr-densho-34-139)
doc U.S. citizen identification card (ddr-densho-34-139)
This card belonged to Frank Yoshito Kitamoto, who became a naturalized citizen in 1953.
Identification card (ddr-densho-34-133)
img Identification card (ddr-densho-34-133)
The U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service issued this identification card after Frank Yoshito Kitamoto became a naturalized citizen of the United States on July 13, 1953.