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Hawaiian Nisei veteran presenting lei (ddr-densho-114-186)
img Hawaiian Nisei veteran presenting lei (ddr-densho-114-186)
Original caption: Colonel Joseph P. Sullivan, Sixth Army Quartermaster, represents General Mark W. Clark, CG, Sixth Army, at a ceremony where Sam Kinoshita, Nisei veteran of the 442nd Combat Team, holds Hawaiian lei of 1,100 individual flowers, which is on route to Paris to be placed on the tomb of the Unknown Soldier at the Arch …
Japanese Americans playing cards (ddr-densho-188-17)
img Japanese Americans playing cards (ddr-densho-188-17)
Playing cards: Joe Ishida, Hank Yamashiro, Jack Hirose, Morgan Yamanaka, Tom Maruyama, Mike Yoshimine. Sleeping: Sam Kinoshita.
Camp fire department (ddr-densho-188-13)
img Camp fire department (ddr-densho-188-13)
(L to R): Hank Kono, Hank Yamashiro, Jackson Hirose, Sam Kinoshita, Tad Horita, Morgan Yamanaka, Tom Maruyama, Chief Owens. (Information on the back of the photo.)