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Lotus basketball team (ddr-densho-38-27)
img Lotus basketball team (ddr-densho-38-27)
This basketball team was affiliated with the Seattle Buddhist Temple. Front, left to right: Kats Nakayama, Kats Iwamura, Hachiro Matsuzari, Art Suzuki, and unidentified. Back left to right: Yoshito Fujii (manager), Nobie Saito, unidentified, and Jiro Sakano.
A young man (ddr-densho-278-176)
img A young man (ddr-densho-278-176)
Caption on front: "Toyo Studio. Seattle, Wn."
Performace at Nippon Kan Theatre (ddr-densho-383-357)
img Performace at Nippon Kan Theatre (ddr-densho-383-357)
Toku Inouye performing on stage (third from left) at Nippon Kan Theatre. Stamped on photograph mat frame: "Toyo Studio, Seattle, Wn." Written on back of photograph: "Mom, third from left. Teacher - in black kimono next to musicians. They all helped make sakura flowers while waiting their turn during practice".
Two girls in kimonos (ddr-densho-383-441)
img Two girls in kimonos (ddr-densho-383-441)
One of the girls is Tomi Inouye, sister of Tamako Inouye. Written on front: "Toyo". Written on back of photograph: [illegible name] and Tomi".
Quintet playing instruments (ddr-densho-383-360)
img Quintet playing instruments (ddr-densho-383-360)
Group of five men practicing or playing for performance at Nippon Kan Theatre. Embossed on photograph: "Toyo Studio, Seattle Wn."