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Playing outside (ddr-densho-391-7)
img Playing outside (ddr-densho-391-7)
Photograph of Kiyoko (Maeda) Yoshioka with her daughter Hatsuko Mary (Yoshioka) Higuchi outside. Hatsuko is seated on a scooter and Kiyoko is knelt beside her.
Kindergarten class at Poston (ddr-densho-391-23)
img Kindergarten class at Poston (ddr-densho-391-23)
Photograph of a Kindergarden class at Poston. Hatsuko Mary (Yoshioka) Higuchi is in the middle row on the far right, Etsuko Yoshioka in the front row on the far right.
Beach outing (ddr-densho-391-29)
img Beach outing (ddr-densho-391-29)
Photograph of several families at a beaching outing on Terminal Island. Seated on the far left holding a child is Kiyoko (Maeda) Yoshioka holding her daughter Hatsuko Yoshioka.
Letter to Mrs. Jones from Mary H. Yoshioka (ddr-densho-391-1)
doc Letter to Mrs. Jones from Mary H. Yoshioka (ddr-densho-391-1)
Letter to Mrs. Jones from Mary H. (Yoshioka) Higuchi. In the letter Mary provides a detailed biography of her life and why that has informed her desire to become a teacher.
Yoshioka children (ddr-densho-391-73)
img Yoshioka children (ddr-densho-391-73)
Photograph of the 4 Yoshioka children dressed in kimonos. From left to right: Betty, Tetsuo, Mitzi and Mary. Written on the back "Circa 1953 Yoshioka children Betty, Tetsuo, Mitzi, Mary.
Family Photo in Poston (ddr-densho-391-22)
img Family Photo in Poston (ddr-densho-391-22)
Photograph of Kiyoko (Maeda) Yoshioka with her four children, Betty, Mitzi, Mary, and Tetsuo, and one of their friends (on the far right) inside Poston.
Family portrait (ddr-densho-391-28)
img Family portrait (ddr-densho-391-28)
Professional portrait of the Yoshioka family. Seated is Kiyoko (Maeda) Yoshioka. Children left to right: Mitzi, Betty, Mary and Tetsuo