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Russian River (ddr-densho-357-236)
img Russian River (ddr-densho-357-236)
Delegates attend an outing to the Russian River during an Oakland Young Men's and Women's Buddhist Association Conference. Left to right: Hanako Yoshioka Terakawa, Niig Mitoma, Yukie Yoshioka, Kengo (last name unknown), Gii Yoshioka, Rose Negi.
Terakawa Collection (ddr-densho-357)
Collection Terakawa Collection (ddr-densho-357)
The Terakawa Collection consists of four photograph albums created by Hanako Terakawa. Hanako's parents, Tadaichi and Yoni Yoshioka, immigrated from Japan and settled in Hayward, California in the early 1900's. In Hayward, they started a family and had five children. They owned a nursery and maintained several greenhouses built around 1913. The earliest photograph album primarily …
Eden Township JACL 60th anniversary program (ddr-densho-329-841)
doc Eden Township JACL 60th anniversary program (ddr-densho-329-841)
Program for the 60th Anniversary Celebration & Annual Installation Dinner of the Eden Township JACL in San Lorenzo, California. Program lists the order of events for a speaking program and dinner, a list of charter members of the 1936 Eden Township Chapter of the JACL and the 1997 Eden Township JACL, introduces Herbert Yamanishi as National …
Japanese Directory 1931 (ddr-densho-423-340)
doc Japanese Directory 1931 (ddr-densho-423-340)
Includes portraits of families at home or at businesses, large group photos at community gatherings such a sports events, photos of businesses including shops, factories and farms, and address lists. Listing includes five names at the address of the Starlight Laundry: Choko Nozawa, Takeyoshi Omura; Fusatoshi Sakanai, Takasuke Takeshita, Nobuo Yasaki