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Two men outside tents (ddr-densho-466-429)
img Two men outside tents (ddr-densho-466-429)
Caption below photo on album page: Mits Tamura and Kenji Yoshino
Work-leave crew (ddr-densho-5-9)
img Work-leave crew (ddr-densho-5-9)
These Japanese Americans received permission to leave the Tule Lake concentration camp in California to work on the Garner farm for the sugar beet harvest. They are standing in front of the bunkhouse. Front (left to right): Toshio Ito, Kenji Yoshino, and Kay Yamaguchi. Back: Joe Matsuzawa, Ted Matsushita, and Roy Matsuzawa.
Program for
doc Program for "An Old Kentucky Garden" (ddr-ajah-4-56)
Seventh Benefit Entertainment of the Young Peoples Epworth League. Includes ads for local businesses,
Amache Reunion materials folder (ddr-densho-390-140)
doc Amache Reunion materials folder (ddr-densho-390-140)
An Amache reunion materials folder with an itinerary printed on the inside.