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img "Portrait of a Nikkei family" (ddr-densho-259-391)
Caption by Homer Yasui: "Portrait of a Nikkei family. This was the 'George' (Y)Eitaro and Hama (Sato) Yamaki family, first of Oak Grove, then of Pine Grove, Oregon. Front, [left to right]: Hama, Shigenobu, Eitaro. Back, [left to right]: William, Eiko, Mitsuko, Hideo Sato."
Wedding party (ddr-densho-259-510)
img Wedding party (ddr-densho-259-510)
Caption by Homer Yasui: "Wedding party of Eiko Yamaki [Tadakuma] and Tomonori Tom Morikado of Los Angeles The directory, Japanese-Americans of the Mid-Columbia Area and Relatives, states the Morikado was an Issei, born in Fukuoka ken, Japan."
Group of Issei and Nisei gathered in front of a train (ddr-densho-259-198)
img Group of Issei and Nisei gathered in front of a train (ddr-densho-259-198)
Caption by Homer Yasui: "A group of Hood River Japanese standing beside a couple of cars of a passenger train. [Renichi Fujimoto] is standing a little off to himself on the left in the shade, and from left to right are: Homer [Yasui] (looking up at [Shidzuyo Yasui]), Shizue Iwatsuki, Katsusaburo Tamura on the steps of …
Nikkei at a train depot (ddr-densho-259-236)
img Nikkei at a train depot (ddr-densho-259-236)
Caption by Homer Yasui: "Some [Hood River] Nikkei next to a train, maybe seeing the Rev. Uemura's off."
img "Girls from Dee" (ddr-densho-259-272)
Caption by Homer Yasui: "Five Nisei girls who lived in Dee [Oregon]. This picture was taken on the south side of the old Dee Japanese Community Hall. I can identify Mikie Kageyama and Hannah Kinoshita but I don't recognize the other three."
Tea ceremony demonstration (ddr-densho-259-135)
img Tea ceremony demonstration (ddr-densho-259-135)
Caption by Homer Yasui: "[Shidzuyo Yasui] teaching a tea ceremony class at the [Hood River] Japanese Community Hall. Most of the women are dressed in kimono, but all of them probably had been taking lessons."