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George Pyatt in front of downed tree (ddr-one-3-77)
img George Pyatt in front of downed tree (ddr-one-3-77)
Black and white photograph of four people, two standing on a downed tree, two sanding in front. George Pyatt standing in front of the down tree on the right side, "Pyatt" written below in red ink. Written on back of photograph: "Kay and Kida will know this one. George Pyatt in foreground."
Letter from Sarah
doc Letter from Sarah "Sade" Pyatt to Kida family (ddr-one-3-27)
Envelope addressed to Miyuki "Kay" Kida in the Farm Labor Camp. Letter from "Grandma" (Sarah "Sade" Pyatt) to her "children" (the Kida family) at the Farm Labor Camp in Nyssa, Oregon dated October 25, 1942. Mrs. Pyatt mentions that timber prices were high and wishes that George and Kenjiro could come back and sell some of …
Guest Commentary (ddr-one-3-110)
doc Guest Commentary (ddr-one-3-110)
Typed copy of Keith McCoy's guest column in The Enterprise on May 23, 2002. Headlined "Japanese-Americans suffered under unjust order". For clipping of published copy please see ddr-one-3-111.