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The Watanabe Family (ddr-densho-367-3)
img The Watanabe Family (ddr-densho-367-3)
Left to right: Mary Teruko Watanabe, Frank Chusei Watanabe, Mon Yusa Watanabe.
Song Recital Program (ddr-densho-367-6)
doc Song Recital Program (ddr-densho-367-6)
Program from a concert Mary Teruko Watanabe attended in Seattle, Washington.
Mary Ishimoto Watanabe Interview (ddr-phljacl-1-1)
vh Mary Ishimoto Watanabe Interview (ddr-phljacl-1-1)
Nisei female. Born September 29, 1920, in San Jose, California. Grew up in Cupertino, California. Attending San Jose State College when World War II broke out. Sent to the Santa Anita Assembly Center, California, and the Heart Mountain concentration camp, Wyoming. Left camp with the help of the National Student Relocation Council to attend graduate school. …
People eating in living room (ddr-densho-477-649)
img People eating in living room (ddr-densho-477-649)
Photograph of four people sitting on a couch eating during Takeo's 75th birthday party. Form left to right: Monzaburo Nakahara, Fumiyo Miyake, George Watanabe and Tatsuko Watanabe. Sitting in a chair behind the couch is Mary (Kouchi) Nakahara. The caption below the photo reads "Monzo, Mrs. Miyake, Mary, George & Tatsuko Watanabe" in black ink.
Portrait of Mary Teruko Watanabe (Mary Mon Toy) (ddr-densho-367-4)
img Portrait of Mary Teruko Watanabe (Mary Mon Toy) (ddr-densho-367-4)
Mary Teruko Watanabe at 15 years old on a visit to meet relatives in Japan.
Mary Teruko Watanabe in front of the Commerce and Philosophy Halls (ddr-densho-367-5)
img Mary Teruko Watanabe in front of the Commerce and Philosophy Halls (ddr-densho-367-5)
Mary Teruko Watanabe most likely at the University of Washington or business school after graduating high school.
Watanabe & Kimura Family Collection (ddr-densho-481)
Collection Watanabe & Kimura Family Collection (ddr-densho-481)
The Kimura collection includes a pamphlet for the dedication of the Watanabe-Kimura Apartment. The back of the pamplet depicts Paul Watanabe and Grace Watanabe's degrees in Bachelor of Arts from Hardin-Simmons University (formerly Simmons University). The collection also includes photographs of the Watanabe-Kimura apartments, the apartment building sign showing the name of the apartments, the apartment’s …
Japanese American girls at a picnic (ddr-densho-62-7)
img Japanese American girls at a picnic (ddr-densho-62-7)
Edith Watanabe is in the second row, second from the left. Front row, L to R: Mary Hayano, Hana Hayano, Mary Morimoto, Kazuko Hayano, Nancy Akita, (first name unknown) Ogaki. Back row, L to R: (first name unknown) Ozaki, Aiko Takagi, Kimi Nakashima, Miyoko Takagi, Teru Nakashima, Emma M., Michiko Takagi, Mary Shimada, Jean M., cut …