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Portrait of Karl C. Leebrick (ddr-njpa-2-594)
img Portrait of Karl C. Leebrick (ddr-njpa-2-594)
Caption on reverse: "BACK FROM TOKYO: Dr. K. C. Leebrick, former member of the University of Hawaii faculty who served as a special assistant to Gen. Douglas MacArthur's political adviser in Tokyo during the past seven months, is now renewing acquaintances in Honolulu en route to Washington, D. C., for reassignment. He is a lieutenant-colonel in …
Visit to Washington D.C. (ddr-densho-359-1198)
img Visit to Washington D.C. (ddr-densho-359-1198)
A group of Japanese Americans visit their U.S. Representative Thomas Pelly. The photograph of the group is signed "Best Regards Thomas Pelly". The date is written on the bottom of the photograph "April 1962".
George Barati (ddr-njpa-2-52)
img George Barati (ddr-njpa-2-52)
Caption on reverse: "CONDUCTOR RETURNING: George Barati will return to the islands tonight (Friday) by United Air Lines for his fourth season as conductor of the Honolulu Symphony Orchestra. Mr. Barati has been on the mainland for the past three months interviewing musicians, guest conducting at the Watergate Theater in Washington, D. C., studying and composing …
United States Supreme Court Justices (ddr-njpa-1-704)
img United States Supreme Court Justices (ddr-njpa-1-704)
Caption on reverse: "(Front row from L) Louis D. Brandeis (80) Willis Van Devanter (77) Chief Justice Charles Hughes (74) James C. McReynolds (75) George Sutherland (74) (Rear Row from L) Owen J. Roberts (61) Pierce Butler (70) Harlen [sic] F. Stone (81) Benjamin N. Cardozo (66)." Caption on reverse [translation]: The President vs. The Protectors …
Pacific Citizen, Vol. 73, No. 26 (December 24-31, 1971) (ddr-pc-43-51)
doc Pacific Citizen, Vol. 73, No. 26 (December 24-31, 1971) (ddr-pc-43-51)
Christmas/Holiday edition of Pacific Citizen. 52 pages long divided into 4 sections and a reference supplement. Selected article titles: "Japanese roots in America go back to 1610 in Mexico" (p. 1 A), "Half year remains till JACL Convention in Washington, D.C." (p. 3 B), "Sansei and sensei swap school ideas" (p. 1 C), "We can afford …
Article regarding Takeo Miki (ddr-njpa-4-931)
doc Article regarding Takeo Miki (ddr-njpa-4-931)
Article: "Progressive Party Leader Of Japan Here. Takeo Miki, chief secretary of the Progressive Party (Kaishinto) of Japan, and Mrs. Miki are visiting in Honolulu today enroute back to Japan after a two months' world tour. They arrived here last night from San Francisco at 10 by plane, and are scheduled to depart for Tokyo tonight …