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Frank Yamasaki Interview I Segment 12 (ddr-densho-1000-107-12)
vh Frank Yamasaki Interview I Segment 12 (ddr-densho-1000-107-12)
Preparing for mass removal: selling the family business and packing for the unknown
Employment office (ddr-densho-159-270)
img Employment office (ddr-densho-159-270)
Left to right: unknown, Alice Hikige, unknown, Kitty Hirai, unknown, Tomo (last name unknown).
A woman and four children (ddr-densho-321-559)
img A woman and four children (ddr-densho-321-559)
Caption in album: "1930. Moss, Fuzy." From left to right: unknown, unknown, Moss, unknown, Fuzy.
Yoshioka family (ddr-densho-357-738)
img Yoshioka family (ddr-densho-357-738)
Left to right: unknown, Yoni Yoshioka, Tadaichi Yoshioka, Masaru Yoshioka, unknown, unknown, June Yoshioka, Giichi Yoshioka.
Bronze Star presentation ceremony (ddr-densho-107-24)
img Bronze Star presentation ceremony (ddr-densho-107-24)
Front row (L to R): Lt. Roy Nakada, unknown, T/Sgt Roy Matsumoto, unknown, unknown, Lt. George Nakamura, S/Sgt. John Morozumi. Back row: All are unknown.
Family farm (ddr-densho-153-12)
img Family farm (ddr-densho-153-12)
Matsushita family with their farmhands. Front (L to R): Yasutaro, Kara, unknown. Back: Kyoko Matsushita, unknown, Amy, Marjorie, unknown.
Family on a dock (ddr-densho-107-19)
img Family on a dock (ddr-densho-107-19)
Front row (L to R): Unknown man with child (standing), unknown woman, Noboru, Tsutomu, Teruyo Muranaka, Wakaji Matsumoto (Roy Matsumoto's father), Frank Matsumoto (Roy's uncle). Second row (L to R): Tei Matsumoto with baby Harue (Roy's mother and sister), Mrs. Muranaka and son Shigeru. Back row (L to R): unknown, Yasaku Muranaka (Roy's great uncle), unknown, …
The Taniguchi kids (ddr-densho-252-124)
img The Taniguchi kids (ddr-densho-252-124)
(Left to right) Unknown, unknown, Joanne, Sherry (surname unknown), Jeannie (surname unknown), Alice Setsuko Taniguchi, Charlene Tsubota, Robert Iwao Taniguchi. Caption on Post-it: "? ? Joanne, Sherry, Jeannie, Alice, Charlene, Bob."
Terao funeral (ddr-densho-442-5)
img Terao funeral (ddr-densho-442-5)
Photograph of mourners in attendance at the funeral of Tomsabaro Terao. Front row left to right: Keiko Togo and Jimmy Tatsuda II. Second row: unknown, unknown, unknown, Bill Tatsuda, Charlie Tatsuda, Abe Hagiwara, Ruth Ohashi, John Tomita, unknown, Pat Hagiwara, Cherry, Tatsuda, unknown, Frank Tomita, and Mike Hagiwara. Third row: unknown, Mr. Faulkner, Mr. Inouye, Jimmy …
Fujii Family (ddr-densho-357-372)
img Fujii Family (ddr-densho-357-372)
Left to right: Sumi (last name unknown), Hanako Fujii, Hiroko Terakawa, Mrs. Fujii (first name unknown), Sally Fujii, unknown boy.
Tadaichi and friends (ddr-densho-357-781)
img Tadaichi and friends (ddr-densho-357-781)
Back row, left to right: unknown, Tadaichi Yoshioka, Jane (last name unknown). Front row, left to right: unknown, Reverend Newton Ishiura.
Dinner party (ddr-densho-16-32)
img Dinner party (ddr-densho-16-32)
The Murakami family and friends are enjoying dinner in their apartment, located above the Higo Ten-Cent Store in Seattle's Nihonmachi or Japantown. (left to right): Mrs. Zimmerman (mother of Carl), Carl Zimmerman, unknown, Ayako Murakami, Masako Murakami, Johnny Funai, Matsuyo Murakami, Kazuichi Kay Murakami.
Nisei woman at dinner party (ddr-densho-16-11)
img Nisei woman at dinner party (ddr-densho-16-11)
Masako Murakami and her family owned Higo Ten-Cent Store in Seattle's Nihonmachi.