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Norman with frozen cyclamens (ddr-densho-441-76)
img Norman with frozen cyclamens (ddr-densho-441-76)
Norman Makoto Hayashi showcasing plants that froze inside the greenhouses.
Greenhouse construction (ddr-densho-441-67)
img Greenhouse construction (ddr-densho-441-67)
Buildings constructed by Henry Taro Hayashi. Written on the bottom of the image is "October 20, 1950" in purple ink
Brothers on a tracker (ddr-densho-441-83)
img Brothers on a tracker (ddr-densho-441-83)
Photograph of the three Hayashi brothers sitting atop a tracker in a field. From left to right: Norman Makoto Hayashi, Patrick Saburo, and Gerald Saburo Hayashi. Written along the border of the photograph is "June 1950 Soares Tractor" in pink ink.
Packing for shipment (ddr-densho-441-72)
img Packing for shipment (ddr-densho-441-72)
Norman Makoto Hayashi (far left) and two unidentified men packing plants for shipment.
Naomi Higaki Family Collection (ddr-densho-458)
Collection Naomi Higaki Family Collection (ddr-densho-458)
108 photographs documenting the Higaki family. Naomi Higaki grew up in Redwood City, California where he attended school and graduated from Sequoia Union High School in 1942. When World War II started the family (except for Naomi's father Nobuo who had been sent to a detention camp) moved to Kimberly, Idaho in April 1942 where they …
Chicken farm; Camp water tower; Japanese union store and camp barber shop; Mail boxes (ddr-csujad-55-1442)
img Chicken farm; Camp water tower; Japanese union store and camp barber shop; Mail boxes (ddr-csujad-55-1442)
Scrapbook page containing five black and white photographs of locations at Crystal City Department of Justice Internment Camp including the chicken farm, Catholic church, water tower, union store, and barber shop. Title from caption. From the Mary F. Clark scrapbook, "Before I Forget, 1942-1947," page 93. See also sac_jaac_1334 through sac_jaac_1529. See this object in the …