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Letter from Ai Chih Tsai to Ai-le (ddr-densho-446-166)
doc Letter from Ai Chih Tsai to Ai-le (ddr-densho-446-166)
Draft of letter to Ai Chih Tsai's elder brother. Ai Chih Tsai just returned from Japan and is now working for War Dept. in D.C. Intends to return to Taiwan and establish mission work, but must wait until U.S. Government's position on Taiwan is clear. Ai Chih Tsai is contacting mission boards.
Letter from Ai Jin Tsai to Ai Chih Tsai (ddr-densho-446-312)
doc Letter from Ai Jin Tsai to Ai Chih Tsai (ddr-densho-446-312)
Family is safe. Tsai family moved to country Mar-Aug 1945. Ai-gi's clinic slightly damaged. Ai-Le in Hong Kong safe but was captured by Japanese; later released. Ai-jin learned about Ai Chih Tsai's life from G. Kerr. Ai-jin wants to start a business and wants Ai Chih to find a contact in America for Ai-jin to be …
Tsai Family Photo (ddr-densho-446-370)
img Tsai Family Photo (ddr-densho-446-370)
Ai Chih with his parents, eight siblings and other family members (names on back page)
doc "My Life Begins" (ddr-densho-446-350)
My Life Begins (autobiography): Ai Chih's parents, conversion to Christianity, education in Japan, arrival in US on student visa, U of Chicago, Robert Cashman, Keimer Shou, Japanese Christian Church (Chicago), War, Ordination, Meeting Ryo, Marriage, Navy-Columbia U, War Dept.-D.C., MD, US Strategic Bombing Survey, UNRRA