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A young man (ddr-densho-278-176)
img A young man (ddr-densho-278-176)
Caption on front: "Toyo Studio. Seattle, Wn."
A couple (ddr-densho-278-266)
img A couple (ddr-densho-278-266)
Caption on front: "Toyo Studio. Seattle, Wn."

Narrator Archie Miyatake

Nisei male. Born November 6, 1924, in Los Angeles, California. Grew up in Los Angeles, where father, renowned photographer Toyo Miyatake, established a photo studio. During World War II, was removed to the Manzanar concentration camp, California. In camp, father became the camp's photographer. After the war, Archie Miyatake returned to Los Angeles and eventually took …
Waseda and Nippon baseball teams (ddr-densho-430-1)
img Waseda and Nippon baseball teams (ddr-densho-430-1)
Two baseball teams standing together on a baseball field in front of spectators. On one set of team uniforms is "Waseda" and on the other is "Nippon." In the center are two men holding a triangular flag that reads "To Waseda University from N.A.C. Seattle Wash U.S.A. 1927 Nippon A.C."
Two children (ddr-densho-442-52)
img Two children (ddr-densho-442-52)
Photograph of two children dressed in Chigo costumes
Quintet playing instruments (ddr-densho-383-360)
img Quintet playing instruments (ddr-densho-383-360)
Group of five men practicing or playing for performance at Nippon Kan Theatre. Embossed on photograph: "Toyo Studio, Seattle Wn."