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Issei parole review (ddr-densho-314-7)
doc Issei parole review (ddr-densho-314-7)
The memorandum states that Kazuichi Takanishi was placed in Group II after a CGRB review which allowed him to return to Hawaii from the mainland. The back of the document has a note from The National Archives stating that this document came from Record Group No. 338. The handwritten portion states "Military Government of Hawaii Internment …
Information concerning Hawaiian internees (ddr-densho-314-12)
doc Information concerning Hawaiian internees (ddr-densho-314-12)
This document lists the family members of Kazuichi Takanishi. It shows that two of his sons were serving in the US Army. Partly due to his sons' service, Takanishi was paroled first to Chicago, Illinois on the mainland and then later back to Hawaii.
Parole memorandum (ddr-densho-314-5)
doc Parole memorandum (ddr-densho-314-5)
This memorandum gives the date that Kazuichi Takanishi was paroled from the Santa Fe Justice Department internment camp. It also states that his address is unknown since a sponsor was not identified for Takanishi before he left camp. He was paroled to Chicago, Illinois.
Letter approving travel (ddr-densho-314-19)
doc Letter approving travel (ddr-densho-314-19)
Andrew Jordan writes to Kazuichi Takanishi stating that his application for permission to travel has been approved and included a coach railroad ticket in the ticket. Takanishi was to travel from Chicago to Seattle and even though the war was officially over, Takanishi still had to report to the chief of the Detention, Deportation and Parole …
Telegram concerning parole (ddr-densho-314-27)
doc Telegram concerning parole (ddr-densho-314-27)
Loyd Jensen sends a telegram to the Immigration and Naturalization Service in Chicago stating that Kazuichi Takanishi has no sponsor. A sponsor was a person living outside the western exclusion zone that agreed to house Japanese internees after being paroled from the camps.
Request for verification of landing (ddr-densho-314-32)
doc Request for verification of landing (ddr-densho-314-32)
The back of this form has a stamp for The National Archives stating that this document is from Record Group No. 85. The handwritten note states "Santae Fe, N.M. Internment Capt. File # 1200/B-2330".
Kazuichi Takanishi Collection (ddr-densho-314)
Collection Kazuichi Takanishi Collection (ddr-densho-314)
The Kazuichi Takanishi Collection is comprised of government documents the family gained through the Freedom of Information Act. The documents detail Takanishi's arrest after Pearl Harbor, his interragation, internment, parole to Chicago, Illinois, and return to Hawaii after the war ended.
Parole order (ddr-densho-314-8)
doc Parole order (ddr-densho-314-8)
On the back of the document, there is a stamp from The National Archives stating that this document came from Record Group No. 210.