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Letter from Guyo Tajiri (ddr-densho-338-177)
doc Letter from Guyo Tajiri (ddr-densho-338-177)
A letter from Guyo Tajiri discussing a manuscript about a book regarding Larry Tajiri's life. Also reminisces about their time running the Pacific Citizen in Salt Lake City.
College transcript (ddr-densho-338-339)
doc College transcript (ddr-densho-338-339)
College transcript for Guyo Tajiri from California State College, Hayward.
Newspaper clipping (ddr-densho-338-138)
doc Newspaper clipping (ddr-densho-338-138)
Newspaper clipping annoucing Guyo Tajiri being named Phi Beta Kappa at the University of Colorado at Boulder.
Diploma (ddr-densho-338-475)
doc Diploma (ddr-densho-338-475)
Guyo Tajiri's diploma from San Francisco State College for a Master of Arts.
Standard Teaching Credential (ddr-densho-338-479)
doc Standard Teaching Credential (ddr-densho-338-479)
A Standard Teaching Credential with a specialization in elementary teaching earned by Guyo Tajiri.
Phi Beta Kappa certificate (ddr-densho-338-477)
doc Phi Beta Kappa certificate (ddr-densho-338-477)
Guyo Tajiri's University of Colordao Phi Beta Kappa certificate.
Certificate of Promotion (ddr-densho-338-478)
doc Certificate of Promotion (ddr-densho-338-478)
A certificate for Guyo Tajiri's completion of 8th grade at Jefferson Junior High School.
College course records (ddr-densho-338-335)
doc College course records (ddr-densho-338-335)
The course grades and credits for Guyo Tajiri while attending San Francisco State University.