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Photo of Fumiko Suzuki (ddr-densho-483-925)
img Photo of Fumiko Suzuki (ddr-densho-483-925)
Sepia photo of a man seated behind a girl wearing a bonnet. Caption on album page "Fumiko Suzuki" written lightly in white pencil.
2nd National Young Buddhist convention (ddr-sbbt-3-10)
img 2nd National Young Buddhist convention (ddr-sbbt-3-10)
Group photograph of the Second National Young Buddhist convention attendees.
Japanese Directory 1931 (ddr-densho-423-340)
doc Japanese Directory 1931 (ddr-densho-423-340)
Includes portraits of families at home or at businesses, large group photos at community gatherings such a sports events, photos of businesses including shops, factories and farms, and address lists. Listing includes five names at the address of the Starlight Laundry: Choko Nozawa, Takeyoshi Omura; Fusatoshi Sakanai, Takasuke Takeshita, Nobuo Yasaki