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George Sunada Timeline 1919-1947 (ddr-densho-415-3)
doc George Sunada Timeline 1919-1947 (ddr-densho-415-3)
Short biographical timeline of George Sunada's life from his birth in 1919 till 1947. Primarily focused on his work at Green River railroad yards in Wyoming.
George Sunada (ddr-densho-415-1)
img George Sunada (ddr-densho-415-1)
Black and white full body photograph of George Sunada in uniform standing outside with military barracks in the background.
Go For Broke Card (ddr-densho-415-4)
doc Go For Broke Card (ddr-densho-415-4)
Business type card with George Sunada's military assignments and post-war work.
Magazine Clipping (ddr-densho-415-9)
doc Magazine Clipping (ddr-densho-415-9)
Clipping from the Heart Mountain Wyoming Foundation Newsletter on the donation of George Sunada's military uniform to the Heart Mountain Interpretative Center.
George Sunada (ddr-densho-415-2)
img George Sunada (ddr-densho-415-2)
Black and white portrait of George Sunada in uniform. Stamped on the back is "Lively Studio 528 1/2 Maia St. P. O. Box 962 Hattiesburg, Miss." in black ink.
George Sunada's Honorable Discharge (ddr-densho-415-5)
doc George Sunada's Honorable Discharge (ddr-densho-415-5)
Copy of George Sunada's Honorable Discharge papers from the US Army.
Redress appeal (ddr-densho-415-7)
doc Redress appeal (ddr-densho-415-7)
Copy of George Sunada's appeal for redress eligibility. Documents how his and his family's constitutional rights were violated by the federal government.