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Inaugural opening of Elk Grove Japanese School (ddr-csujad-55-1588)
img Inaugural opening of Elk Grove Japanese School (ddr-csujad-55-1588)
Sepia-toned photograph of a group of students and adults at the inaugural opening of the Elk Grove Japanese language school. Photograph includes identification of some individuals. From left to right, Yamada, Hatsutaro Ishigaki, Kanjiro Omae, George Haruto Omae, Harry Kaname Omae, Frank Yamada, George Shigeru Matsumoto, Shigeo Sakamoto, Makishima, Robert Masaru Matsumoto, Tsunematsu Sugimoto, Elwood Norio …
Walnut Grove reunion program (ddr-densho-390-42)
doc Walnut Grove reunion program (ddr-densho-390-42)
A program for the 1981 Walnut Grove reunion with the schedule of events, directory, boosters, advertisements, and more. The Matsuoka family is listed on page 66 of the directory and as boosters on page 78. Toshio Matsuoka is listed on page 40 as responsible for posters.