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Shizue Natsukawa (ddr-njpa-4-1383)
img Shizue Natsukawa (ddr-njpa-4-1383)
Caption on front [translation]: "Shizue Natsukawa."
Portrait of Shizue Natsukawa (ddr-njpa-4-1384)
img Portrait of Shizue Natsukawa (ddr-njpa-4-1384)
Caption on reverse: "Miss Shizue Natsukawa, Japanese actress."
Japnese American children (ddr-densho-359-1234)
img Japnese American children (ddr-densho-359-1234)
Cousins. The caption written on the back "Shizue, Stan, Pam, Marilyn Okano c. 1955 prob. Shelton". Left to right: Shizue Shikuma, Stan Shikuma, Pam Okano, Marilyn Okano
Mother and son (ddr-densho-26-78)
img Mother and son (ddr-densho-26-78)
Shizue Yanagihara poses with her son, Akio, outside their home.
Namie and Shizue (ddr-densho-258-24)
img Namie and Shizue (ddr-densho-258-24)
Two young women standing on the steps of a house or building. Caption below: "Namie and Shizue."
Shizue and Yukio (ddr-densho-258-128)
img Shizue and Yukio (ddr-densho-258-128)
A man in a military uniform standing with his arm around a woman. Caption below: "Shizue and Yukio."
Shizue Irei Interview (ddr-densho-1000-407)
vh Shizue Irei Interview (ddr-densho-1000-407)
Issei female. Born November 28, 1932, in Okinawa, Japan. Grew up in Japan where parents ran a farm. During World War II, when the Allied forces landed in Okinawa, fled home village with a large group and hid in the jungle. After the war, returned home, married, and eventually moved to Hawaii.

(This material is based …

Issei portrait (ddr-densho-66-1)
img Issei portrait (ddr-densho-66-1)
Frank S. Fujii's parents: Mr. Jimmy Raisaku Fujii and Mrs. Shizue (Mitsuno) Fujii.
Portrait of woman (ddr-densho-359-1012)
img Portrait of woman (ddr-densho-359-1012)
The photograph is enscribed "To Mr. & Mrs. Otuska Sincerely, Seiko Kanogawa" Shizue Seike
Japanese Americans on a farm (ddr-densho-26-7)
img Japanese Americans on a farm (ddr-densho-26-7)
Back (left to right): Rokubei and Shizue Murakami. The woman seated in front is unidentified.
Shizue Natsukawa and Nobuo Iida on their wedding day (ddr-njpa-4-1386)
img Shizue Natsukawa and Nobuo Iida on their wedding day (ddr-njpa-4-1386)
Caption on reverse [translation]: "Happy moment for Shizue Natsukawa. The wedding ceremony for popular screen actress Miss Shizue Natsukawa and composer Nobuo Iida was held at the Grand Shrine in Iidabashi on the 18th at 11 a.m. with a happy mood. The photo is the happy couple."
Portrait of Nisei man in a suit (ddr-densho-259-447)
img Portrait of Nisei man in a suit (ddr-densho-259-447)
Caption by Homer Yasui: "Portrait of Harry Iwatsuki, the son of Kamegoro and Shizue Iwatsuki." Signature: "Sincerely Harry."
Two women outside (ddr-densho-258-68)
img Two women outside (ddr-densho-258-68)
Two women standing together outside, among foliage. Caption below: "Shizue & Hanako." Inscription on photograph: "Dear One-san, Love Hanako."
Shiz Kawamoto (ddr-densho-258-198)
img Shiz Kawamoto (ddr-densho-258-198)
A woman stands on the front porch of a clapboard house. Comment on back: "Shiz Kawamoto."
Two ladies in the forest (ddr-densho-258-95)
img Two ladies in the forest (ddr-densho-258-95)
Two women pose on a tree stump in a wooded area. Caption below: "Shiz." Inscription: "[Illegible]."
Testimony of Josephine Shizue Sakamoto (ddr-densho-67-293)
doc Testimony of Josephine Shizue Sakamoto (ddr-densho-67-293)
Written testimony of Josephine Shizue Sakamoto. Incarcerated at the Puyallup Assembly Center, Washington, and the Minidoka concentration camp, Idaho. This testimony was submitted for the CWRIC hearings in Seattle, Washington, September 9-11, 1981.