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Fumie I. Shimada Interview (ddr-manz-1-44)
vh Fumie I. Shimada Interview (ddr-manz-1-44)
Nisei female. Born July 7, 1939, in Sparks, Nevada. Grew up in Sparks, where father worked as a machinist for the Southern Pacific Railroad for twenty-two years. In February 1942, father was fired from his job. Over forty years later, Ms. Shimada fought successfully for redress for the fired railroad workers and their families.
Children in class picture (ddr-densho-255-179)
img Children in class picture (ddr-densho-255-179)
Children posed for a class picture. Written on front: "3rd Left, Shige."
Large group photo outside church (ddr-ajah-4-57)
img Large group photo outside church (ddr-ajah-4-57)
Printed on photo front: Japanese Methodist Church "Last Issei Services" Alameda, California, February 15, 1942. Caption below photo: On February 15, 1942, the JME church held a farewell service conducted by Rev. Shigeo Shimada and attended by 120 members and friends, many of whom stepped forward for baptism. Dr. J.B. Cobb and his wife, former missionaries …
Seattle Chapter, JACL Reporter, Vol. 33, No. 6, June 1996 (ddr-sjacl-1-437)
doc Seattle Chapter, JACL Reporter, Vol. 33, No. 6, June 1996 (ddr-sjacl-1-437)
Newsletter covering the following topics: Scholarship awardees Yoko Kusunose ($600-Tamesa), Lia Dong Shimada (amt, scholarship-unk); JACL sponsor governors candidates? forum.
Fourth grade students (ddr-densho-152-20)
img Fourth grade students (ddr-densho-152-20)
A group of fourth grade students outside the Heart Mountain Elementary School building. Original caption: Mutsu Shimada, Melvin Kani, Kenneth Aratani, Franklin Kawanami.
Women in kimonos (ddr-densho-391-33)
img Women in kimonos (ddr-densho-391-33)
Photograph of 4 women in kimonos posing together outside. From left to right: Kimiko (Maeda) Ishibashi, unidentified, Kiyoko (Maeda) Yoshioka, and Hisako Shimada.
Campers (ddr-densho-336-696)
img Campers (ddr-densho-336-696)
The 1975 Lake Sequoia Retreat summer camp.\nCaption on front: "Lindsay Ono, Susanna Itani, Sono Takizawa, Gary 'tuna' Tanaka, John Shimada, Patty Kaneko, ??."
Storage list for J. Shimada (ddr-sbbt-2-169)
doc Storage list for J. Shimada (ddr-sbbt-2-169)
A check-in list for goods belonging to J. Shimada, moved from the Buddhist Church (Seattle Betsuin Buddhist Temple) to Lyon Van and Storage Company's lot 691.
Oral history with Susie O. Shimada (ddr-csujad-29-367)
av Oral history with Susie O. Shimada (ddr-csujad-29-367)
An oral interview with Susie O. Shimada, incarceree at the Poston camp. The interview was conducted for the Japanese American Oral History Project by California State University, Fullerton. Transcript is found in item: csufccop_jaoh_0914. See this object in the California State Universities Japanese American Digitization project site: 2258_T01