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Nisei children (ddr-densho-134-10)
img Nisei children (ddr-densho-134-10)
Back row (L to R): Michiko Nakawatase, Chimiko Nakawatase, Satoko Abe, Kazuko Sasaki. Middle row (L to R): Tomiye Mochizuki, Yoshiye Mochizuki, Martha Nishitani, Mariko Kumasaka. Front row (L to R): Connie Nishitani, unidentified.
Green Lake Sunday School (ddr-densho-134-26)
img Green Lake Sunday School (ddr-densho-134-26)
This Sunday school was started by three missionaries from the Seattle Japanese Baptist Church in the early 1920s. Back row (L to R): Miss Rumsey, Naoshi Kumagai, Kay Suzuki, Tadashi Kumagai, unidentified, Akira Kumasaka. Middle row (L to R): Tak Nakawatase, unidentified, unidentified, May Kumasaka, Kimi Taguchi, Ko Suzuki, unidentified. Front row (L to R): Sam …
Japanese Language Class students (ddr-densho-134-22)
img Japanese Language Class students (ddr-densho-134-22)
These are students of North Seattle's Japanese Language Class. This class was the first organized activity for children of the early North Seattle Issei immigrants. Classes were first given at a private residence and then moved to the Community Hall, located at North 100th and Corliss Avenue. Back row (L to R): Mac Sasaki, Akira Kumasaka, …
Girls of the Japanese Students Club (ddr-densho-134-19)
img Girls of the Japanese Students Club (ddr-densho-134-19)
Female members of the Lincoln High School Japanese Students Club posing for a photo. The club held Japanese dances, tea ceremonies, and other activities. Back row (L to R): Mariko Kumasaka, Michiko Nakawatase, Esther Kambe, Satoko Abe, Alice Ota, Ella Ota, Margaret Akiyama, Cherry Tanaka. Front row (L to R): Jane Akiyama, Yuri Hayashi, Yoshino Kano, …
Marriage affidavit [in Japanese] (ddr-csujad-12-25)
doc Marriage affidavit [in Japanese] (ddr-csujad-12-25)
Marriage affidavit for Tsugitada Kanamori and Kazuko Miyamoto. Signed by Sasaki, Buddhist priest, and Yoshikazu Tamura and Sotaro Nishikawa, witnesses. Tsugitada and Kazuyo married in the Tule Lake incarceration camp. See this object in the California State Universities Japanese American Digitization project site: tsu_01_07_006
Girls in kimonos (ddr-densho-134-27)
img Girls in kimonos (ddr-densho-134-27)
Students of the Japanese Language School in North Seattle gather in the playground. The school was housed in the Green Lake Community Hall, located at North 100th and Corliss Avenue. The building was eventually enlarged as the program grew more and more popular. (L to R): Molly Kitajima, Michiko Nakawatase, Kazue Kitajima, Kazuko Sasaki, Chimiko Nakawatase, …
Pacific Citizen, Vol. 49, No. 1 (July 3, 1959) (ddr-pc-31-27)
doc Pacific Citizen, Vol. 49, No. 1 (July 3, 1959) (ddr-pc-31-27)
Selected article titles: "Hawaii plebiscite passes 17-1; 58 AJAs win in primaries" (p. 1), "Eagle Scout Ito rescues Sansei from drowning" (p. 1), "Ray Yasui's daughter Joan elected Oregon Girls State governor, named to Girls Nation, chosen 4-H president--all inside a week" (p. 1), "Stomach cancer study on Orientals started" (p. 1), "Suggest Americans of Asian …
Walnut Grove reunion program (ddr-densho-390-42)
doc Walnut Grove reunion program (ddr-densho-390-42)
A program for the 1981 Walnut Grove reunion with the schedule of events, directory, boosters, advertisements, and more. The Matsuoka family is listed on page 66 of the directory and as boosters on page 78. Toshio Matsuoka is listed on page 40 as responsible for posters.