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Nisei soldiers (ddr-densho-179-118)
img Nisei soldiers (ddr-densho-179-118)
Sgt. Tomitsu Matsumoto, Sgt. Warren Sakuma, Sgt. Robert Oda, Sgt. Akira Nakamura.
Peace treaty signing (ddr-densho-179-163)
img Peace treaty signing (ddr-densho-179-163)
Left to right: T/3 Tamotsu Matsumoto, T/Sgt. Warren S. Sakuma "Pop", T/3 Robert Oda, T/3 Akira Nakamura.
Judo team (ddr-densho-34-73)
img Judo team (ddr-densho-34-73)
Top row, left to right: Ichiro Nagatani, Arthur Koura. Middle row, left to right: Noboru Koura, Akira Shibukawa, Momoru Shibukawa. Bottom row, left to right: Tairoku Nishimori, Akira Sakuma, Kiyo Nagatani, Henry Ogawa.
U.S. soldiers (ddr-densho-179-119)
img U.S. soldiers (ddr-densho-179-119)
T/4 Stanley Ito, Sgt. Warren Sakuma, 1st Lt. John Flagler, 1st Lt. Lawrence Boggs, Sgt. Shigeru Sato, T/3 Harry Okano, T/4 Frank Mizuno, T/3 Osami Yamamoto, Sgt. Tom Matsumoto, Sgt. Bob Oda, 1st Lt. John Flagler, Sgt. Tomotsu Nagao, Sgt. Akira Nakamura.
Elementary school class (ddr-densho-34-48)
img Elementary school class (ddr-densho-34-48)
Front row (left to right): Akira Sakuma, unidentified, Masakatsu (Bear) Omoto, unidentified, unidentified, Shig Moritani, and Peter Ohtaki. Second row: Toshio Chihara, unidentified, Toshio Terashita, Masa Chihara, George Terashita, unidentified, unidentified, and unidentified. Third row: unidentified, unidentified, Yae Yamashita, unidentified, unidentified, Elsie Amatatsu, and Michi Yamashita. The teacher is unidentified.
Pacific Citizen, Vol. 66, No. 5 (February 2, 1968) (ddr-pc-40-5)
doc Pacific Citizen, Vol. 66, No. 5 (February 2, 1968) (ddr-pc-40-5)
Selected article titles: "Jury duty not burdensome but a privilege, Judge Sakuma Notes" (p. 1), "Seattle JACL has niche in meeting needs of a Puget Sound area with eight million" (p. 1), "U.S. empasis in Asia foreseen in future" (p. 1), "Chuman continues to challenge Nisei to fight poverty" (p. 1), "Negro-Japanese story to be told" …