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Bussei Conference (ddr-densho-357-354)
img Bussei Conference (ddr-densho-357-354)
Mr. Jiro Sakano, from Seattle, attends the Bussei (Buddhist Nisei) Conference in San Francisco.
img Kabuki "Tai Ko Ki" baseball team (ddr-densho-162-32)
L to R: Taka Kida, Jiro Sakano, Lessie Yamamoto, Masasuke Tanaka, Yoshiko Hashimoto, Toshimasa Iwasaki, Jim Kido.
Lotus basketball team (ddr-densho-38-27)
img Lotus basketball team (ddr-densho-38-27)
This basketball team was affiliated with the Seattle Buddhist Temple. Front, left to right: Kats Nakayama, Kats Iwamura, Hachiro Matsuzari, Art Suzuki, and unidentified. Back left to right: Yoshito Fujii (manager), Nobie Saito, unidentified, and Jiro Sakano.
Pacific Citizen, Vol. 43, No. 14 (October 5, 1956) (ddr-pc-28-40)
doc Pacific Citizen, Vol. 43, No. 14 (October 5, 1956) (ddr-pc-28-40)
Selected article titles: "Note Sansei in Hawaii Politics, 2 Seek Offices" (p. 1), "Sansei scores 190 pts. out of possible 110 in Oregon State entrance examination" (p. 1), "New Justice Dep't Procedures for Renunciants Follows JACL Policy" (p. 1), "Effective campaign to carry 'Yes on Prop. 13' urged in Nisei vernacular" (p. 1), "Detroit JACLers open …
Japanese Directory 1931 (ddr-densho-423-340)
doc Japanese Directory 1931 (ddr-densho-423-340)
Includes portraits of families at home or at businesses, large group photos at community gatherings such a sports events, photos of businesses including shops, factories and farms, and address lists. Listing includes five names at the address of the Starlight Laundry: Choko Nozawa, Takeyoshi Omura; Fusatoshi Sakanai, Takasuke Takeshita, Nobuo Yasaki