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Umeyo Sakagami with her brothers Matsuo and Masao (ddr-densho-328-325)
img Umeyo Sakagami with her brothers Matsuo and Masao (ddr-densho-328-325)
Caption in album: "Ogden, Utah / January 1947 / Big Brother Matsu, Kid Brother Masa."
A group outside (ddr-densho-328-328)
img A group outside (ddr-densho-328-328)
Caption in album: "Mae, Yukimi-san / Masa, Matsu, Bessie."
img "Eddie Owada, Matsu" (ddr-densho-201-311)
Two Japanese American men in the snow, one in a chef's uniform. Caption on front: "Eddie Owada + me." Caption below photograph: "Eddie Owada, Matsu."
Men wearing suits (ddr-densho-201-316)
img Men wearing suits (ddr-densho-201-316)
Two men wearing suits. Caption on front: "Bill Hata, Matsu, 'Portland Oregon'."
Three friends (ddr-densho-201-725)
img Three friends (ddr-densho-201-725)
Caption in album: "Ogden, Utah / Tats, Matsu, Jim."
Friends in Ogden (ddr-densho-328-316)
img Friends in Ogden (ddr-densho-328-316)
Caption in album: "1943 / Ogden, Utah Sunao Iwai / ? Matsu."
Sakagami Family portrait (ddr-densho-328-3)
img Sakagami Family portrait (ddr-densho-328-3)
Caption in album: "Family Picture / 1938 / Brother Masa, (cousin), Brother Matsu / Sister, me, Sono, Father."
Matsuo Sakagami Collection (ddr-densho-326)
Collection Matsuo Sakagami Collection (ddr-densho-326)
The Matsuo Sakagami Collection consists of photographs and ephemera from the 1930s through the 1950s. Topics include: recreational activities such as fishing and picnicking, weddings and funerals, and sports such as baseball and judo. Second accession consists of two photo albums from the 1930's. Album 1 contains photos of Matsuo Sakagami's tour of Japan with his …
Group in Ogden (ddr-densho-201-727)
img Group in Ogden (ddr-densho-201-727)
Caption in album: "Ogden, Utah / Me [Masao Sakagami], Ume [Sakagami], Shigeko [Kawashima] / Tats, Matsu [Sakagami], Jim [Tateoka]."
Three Japanese American soldiers (ddr-densho-201-315)
img Three Japanese American soldiers (ddr-densho-201-315)
Three soldiers. Caption on front: "George Watanabe, Mino Tateoka, Matsu."
Group photograph (ddr-densho-328-366)
img Group photograph (ddr-densho-328-366)
Caption in album: "Masa, Me, Shig / Tatsuo-san, Matuo, Jim."
Group in Ogden (ddr-densho-328-317)
img Group in Ogden (ddr-densho-328-317)
Caption in album: "Ogden / January 1947 / Whole Crowd / Kim; me; Shig / Mrs.; Mrs.; / Jim; Matsu; Tatsuo."
Umeyo Sakagami Collection (ddr-densho-328)
Collection Umeyo Sakagami Collection (ddr-densho-328)
The Umeyo Sakagami Collection consists of photographs from four albums ranging in date from the 1930s to the 1950s. Topics include: life in the Pacific Northwest before the war, experiences in the camps, Umeyo Sakagami's brothers' (Masao and Matsuo) service in the 442nd Regimental Combat Team and the Military Intelligence Service, her travels after the war …