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Arthur Ogami Interview Segment 6 (ddr-densho-1000-154-6)
vh Arthur Ogami Interview Segment 6 (ddr-densho-1000-154-6)
Taking a typing class from Patricia Ryan, prior to her becoming the wife of President Richard Nixon
Richard Yamato (ddr-densho-442-125)
img Richard Yamato (ddr-densho-442-125)
Photograph of Richard "Dick" Yamato standing in the snow. Written along the bottom is "Dick" in black ink.
Richard Maeda (ddr-densho-287-591)
img Richard Maeda (ddr-densho-287-591)
Black and white photograph of Richard Maeda in uniform. Written on the bottom of the photograph is "Rich Maeda" in black ink. Written on the album page below the image is "Ric" in white.
Richard & Roy (ddr-densho-287-346)
img Richard & Roy (ddr-densho-287-346)
Photograph of two young boys. On the left is Richard and on the right is Roy. Written on the photograph along the bottom is "Richard & Roy" in blue ink.
Richard laughing (ddr-densho-443-66)
img Richard laughing (ddr-densho-443-66)
Photograph of Richard Kenji Tsukada standing by a window laughing and holding a toy in his hand. Written below the image on the album page is "A year old" in white pencil. Written in the lower center of the album page is "Richard Kenji Tsukada / BR December 23, 1947" in white pencil.
Boy Scout Cubmaster card (ddr-densho-356-810)
doc Boy Scout Cubmaster card (ddr-densho-356-810)
Richard Tsukada's Boy Scouts of America Membership Card.
Portrait of Richard Tsukada (ddr-densho-356-19)
img Portrait of Richard Tsukada (ddr-densho-356-19)
Portrait of Richard Tsukada, likely a passport photo.
Portrait of Richard Maeda (ddr-densho-395-68)
img Portrait of Richard Maeda (ddr-densho-395-68)
Portrait of Richard Maeda, son of Yoshiko and Rikichi Maeda, wearing a suit with a corsage. Accompanying materials indicate that Richard served with the 442nd Regimental Combat Team.
Yuri and Richard wedding portrait (ddr-densho-356-147)
img Yuri and Richard wedding portrait (ddr-densho-356-147)
Wedding portrait of Yuriko Domoto Tsukada and Richard Tsukada.
Passport photo (ddr-densho-356-727)
doc Passport photo (ddr-densho-356-727)
Copy of Richard Tsukada's passport photograph, store inside passport.