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Northwest Buddhist Convention Banquet (ddr-one-1-418)
img Northwest Buddhist Convention Banquet (ddr-one-1-418)
Black and white photographic negative of guests at the Northwest Buddhist Convention banquet dinner in the basement of the Seattle Buddhist Church. Sitting at the head table from left to right: Reverend Sunya Pratt (from Tacoma, Washington), Reverend Tatsuya Ichikawa (from Seattle, Washington), Reverend Eiyu Terao (from Spokane, Washington), Reverend Ikuta from (Vancouver, British Columbia), Reverend …
Issei minister and family (ddr-densho-310-4)
img Issei minister and family (ddr-densho-310-4)
Ichikawa family portrait. (Front row, left to right) Akira, Tatsuya, Shinya, Yasashi, Hiroko (Back row, left to right) Noriko, Satoru, Etsuko, Kazuya
Group of Issei and Nisei in front of barrack (ddr-densho-310-2)
img Group of Issei and Nisei in front of barrack (ddr-densho-310-2)
Ichikawa family in front of their barrack at Minidoka concentration camp. Also pictured are family friends, Yahachi Suzuki and Mr. Hino. (Front Row, left to right) Akira Ichikawa, Hiroko Ichikawa (Back Row, left to right) Satoru Ichikawa, Mr. Hino, Etsuko Ichikawa, Yasashi Ichikawa, Shinya Ichikawa (In Yasahi's arms), Kazuya Ichikawa, Noriko Ichikawa, Yahachi Suzuki
Amache Reunion materials folder (ddr-densho-390-140)
doc Amache Reunion materials folder (ddr-densho-390-140)
An Amache reunion materials folder with an itinerary printed on the inside.
Heart Mountain Sentinel Vol. I No. 1 (October 24, 1942) (ddr-densho-97-99)
doc Heart Mountain Sentinel Vol. I No. 1 (October 24, 1942) (ddr-densho-97-99)
Selected article titles: "Residents to Name Charter Delegates" (p. 1), "Heart Mountain Inspires Name for New Project Newspaper" (p. 1), "Griffin Warns Reckless Drivers" (p. 1), "First Copies Sent Roosevelt, Myer" (p. 1), "Two Cases Tried by Heart Mountain Court" (p. 2), "Residents Warned of Bogus Wardens" (p. 2), "USO Plans for Center Under Way" (p. …