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Picnic (ddr-one-1-59)
img Picnic (ddr-one-1-59)
Color slide of women sitting at a table eating with chopsticks. From left to right: Mitsy (Kiyomura) Takeoka, Sumi "Sue" (Kaga) Hasegawa, Mrs. Kiyomura, and Jean (Kiyomura) Tamiyasu.
Corral (ddr-one-1-449)
img Corral (ddr-one-1-449)
Color slide of five horses inside a wooden corral. Two horses stand to the left with backs to the camera, others laying inside the corral on the ground. Outside of the corral is lined with straw. According to donor processed on June 20, 1951.
Sitting on a wall (ddr-one-1-583)
img Sitting on a wall (ddr-one-1-583)
Black and white photographic print of four Nisei sitting on a wall next to a parked car, two additional Nisei are standing. From left to right: Shig Oka, Betty Nakashimada, Alice (Matsumoto) Ando, Frank Hirahara, Misty (Kiyomura) Takeoka, and Shig Yuzuriha. For negative, please see ONLC 4864 (ddr-one-1-636).
Crops (ddr-one-1-685)
img Crops (ddr-one-1-685)
Black and white photographic negative of a crop field. The crops are covered by little white tents to protect the plants. For print please see ONLC 4911 (ddr-one-1-682).
Cook-out (ddr-one-1-680)
img Cook-out (ddr-one-1-680)
Black and white photographic print of three unidentified Japanese Americans standing around a griddle cook top sitting over a small opening on a stone wall with firewood sitting out. For negative please see ONLC 4928 (ddr-one1-699)
Mt. Hood road trip (ddr-densho-477-79)
img Mt. Hood road trip (ddr-densho-477-79)
Photograph of three women standing in front of a car, with Mt. Hood in the background. The writing on the photo reads "Mt. Hood 1936" in blue ink. The caption below the photo reads "Mt. Hood Trip 1936" in black ink.
Passport picture of Nikkei family (ddr-densho-259-317)
img Passport picture of Nikkei family (ddr-densho-259-317)
Caption by Homer Yasui: "Small family group photo of an Issei family in Dee. This is the Yasuta and Ichino Kageyama family. This may have been their passport pictures [sic] taken for their visit to Japan, which was in 1933."
View of St. Peter's Dome and Cathedral Peak (ddr-densho-316-77)
img View of St. Peter's Dome and Cathedral Peak (ddr-densho-316-77)
Caption on front: "St. Peter's Dome & Cathedral Peak / Columbia River Highway, Oregon."
View of Mount Hood and Lost Lake (ddr-densho-321-707)
img View of Mount Hood and Lost Lake (ddr-densho-321-707)
Caption: "Mt. Hood from Lost Lake, Ore. Alt. 11,225 ft. 467. Cross & Dimmitt."
View of the Columbia River (ddr-densho-321-706)
img View of the Columbia River (ddr-densho-321-706)
Caption: "Columbia River Highway, Ore. Vista House, Crown Point. 638. Cross & Dimmitt."
Portland school curriculum:
doc Portland school curriculum: "Free and Equal?" (ddr-densho-35-316)
This outline on Japanese Americans in Oregon, compiled by Beatrice Stevens, was used for a history unit in the Portland high schools.