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Landscape (ddr-hmwf-1-130)
img Landscape (ddr-hmwf-1-130)
"Landscape- waterfall in Yellowstone"
Furumura family (ddr-hmwf-1-239)
img Furumura family (ddr-hmwf-1-239)
"Furumura family, 29-3-C, Oct 26 1943 1:20pm" as described on back, l6 f6.3 1/5 SuperXX D76 - 40min
Baby (ddr-hmwf-1-293)
img Baby (ddr-hmwf-1-293)
"Wayne Ono, Aug 31 1944" as described on back, f8 1/50 Verichrome G3
Apartment room (ddr-hmwf-1-225)
img Apartment room (ddr-hmwf-1-225)
"Apartment room with clothes and furniture"
Landscape (ddr-hmwf-1-128)
img Landscape (ddr-hmwf-1-128)
"Landscape- waterfall in Yellowstone"
Family picture (ddr-hmwf-1-162)
img Family picture (ddr-hmwf-1-162)
"Family posing with barracks and Heart Mountain in background"
Baby (ddr-hmwf-1-312)
img Baby (ddr-hmwf-1-312)
"Picture of a Baby" l18 f9 1/50 G3
Collecting coal (ddr-hmwf-1-79)
img Collecting coal (ddr-hmwf-1-79)
"Men and women collecting coal between barracks"
Piano Class (ddr-hmwf-1-35)
img Piano Class (ddr-hmwf-1-35)
"June 24, 1944 2-5pm" as described on back
Girls posing (ddr-hmwf-1-182)
img Girls posing (ddr-hmwf-1-182)
"Girls posing with barracks in far background, June 25 1944" l20 f22 1/25 G3 Superpan Press D76-40'
Hospital Complex (ddr-hmwf-1-208)
img Hospital Complex (ddr-hmwf-1-208)
"Heart Mt. Hospital Unit Dec. 27 1944" as described on back, l20 f19 1/5 K2 Verichrome D76 - 50'
Children on bed (ddr-hmwf-1-301)
img Children on bed (ddr-hmwf-1-301)
"Nakamishi Baby 29-24-A, Nov 30 1943" as described on back, l8 f6.3 1/10 PlusX DK20 40min D76 10min
Girls posing (ddr-hmwf-1-314)
img Girls posing (ddr-hmwf-1-314)
"June Minato, Yasuko Ideishi, Ayako Inouye, Ruby Inouye, May 31 1944"
Children posing (ddr-hmwf-1-175)
img Children posing (ddr-hmwf-1-175)
"Children posing in front of barracks and Heart Mountain, May 12-1944" Verichrome K
Ice Skating (ddr-hmwf-1-479)
img Ice Skating (ddr-hmwf-1-479)
Children ice skating together with barracks in background
Woman and Child (ddr-hmwf-1-418)
img Woman and Child (ddr-hmwf-1-418)
Young woman walking with child, Heart Mountain in the background
Nurses (ddr-hmwf-1-585)
img Nurses (ddr-hmwf-1-585)
Nurses, in uniform, gathered together outside of building