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Okayama Castle in Japan (ddr-densho-259-548)
img Okayama Castle in Japan (ddr-densho-259-548)
Okayama Castle in Okayama prefecture, Japan. Japanese caption: Okayama-ken Tenshu Kaku.
Korakuen Garden in Japan (ddr-densho-259-546)
img Korakuen Garden in Japan (ddr-densho-259-546)
Photograph of Korakuen Garden in Okayama, Japan. Japanese caption: Okayama Korakuen.
Nisei and Issei woman in California (ddr-densho-259-53)
img Nisei and Issei woman in California (ddr-densho-259-53)
Caption by Yuka Yasui: "Michi with [Shidzuyo Yasui]'s friend from Okayama-ken [Okayama prefecture, Japan]."
Mt. Washu in Japan (ddr-densho-259-547)
img Mt. Washu in Japan (ddr-densho-259-547)
Mt. Washu in Shimotsui, Okayama prefecture, Japan.
Large birds by lake (ddr-densho-326-282)
img Large birds by lake (ddr-densho-326-282)
Caption: Tsurus / Korakuyen Park / Okayama, Japan / Nov. 11

Narrator Michiko Kornhauser

Shin-Issei female. Born July 21, 1936, in Sasebo, Japan. Was a child in Okayama during World War II. After the war, immigrated to the United States and lived and worked in various places including Honoulu, Hawaii, and Portland, Oregon.
Group of men with a car (ddr-densho-353-82)
img Group of men with a car (ddr-densho-353-82)
Okayama men on Main Street in front of the Mitsuwado. Note on back: " NW Nikkei caption 6-89: Mr. Yanagi (leaning against car) with friends, celebrates his graduation from the U of W's pharmacy school before returning to Japan." Another note says "set at 100, 2 sec"
Christmas card from Meyer (ddr-csujad-49-144)
doc Christmas card from Meyer (ddr-csujad-49-144)
Christmas card from "Meyer" in Okayama, Japan. An item from: pages 88-89 of the Sue Kato scrapbook (gfb_skc_001). See this object in the California State Universities Japanese American Digitization project site: 2019_002_001_058_05
Graduating girls' class in Japan (ddr-densho-259-85)
img Graduating girls' class in Japan (ddr-densho-259-85)
Shidzuyo Yasui is pictured in the third row, second from the right. Caption by Homer Yasui: "Maybe at the school in Tsuyama, Okayama-ken, Japan, where [Shidzuyo] had also taught for a short time in 1910. This also looks like a girls' graduating class, but [Shidzuyo] and the other teachers are dressed differently."
Family visiting Japan (ddr-densho-63-3)
img Family visiting Japan (ddr-densho-63-3)
L to R: Mitsuko Hashiguchi's aunt Makijan, sister Shizue, niece Jean, and sister Yoshie. The purpose of this trip was to visit Mitsuko's two sisters who were born in Japan and left there when their mother and father came to the U.S. They lived with their grandmother in Japan, were going to be educated in Japan …
View of park (ddr-densho-326-277)
img View of park (ddr-densho-326-277)
Caption: Mr. E. Miyamoto / Korakuyen Park - Nov. 11
Men in park (ddr-densho-326-274)
img Men in park (ddr-densho-326-274)
Caption: The Korakuyen Park / Kai / Keichi / Ray / Matsu
Lake and island in park (ddr-densho-326-284)
img Lake and island in park (ddr-densho-326-284)
Caption: Castle / Okayama - Korakuyen Park / Nov. 11
Japanese women and a stork (ddr-densho-259-113)
img Japanese women and a stork (ddr-densho-259-113)
Caption by Homer Yasui: "[Shidzuyo Yasui] and a friend visiting Korakuen Park in Okayama ken [prefecture]. There is a Japanese stork (tsuru) shown in this photo also."
Issei man in kimono (ddr-densho-259-140)
img Issei man in kimono (ddr-densho-259-140)
Caption by Homer Yasui: "Portrait of [Masuo Yasui] dressed in a kimono, with a long, knee length dark over-kimono, but it wasn't a montsuki, because there are no crests. He's wearing a straw boater. I think that this picture must have been taken in Japan when our family went there for a 2-1/2 month visit in …