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Couple (ddr-densho-359-21)
img Couple (ddr-densho-359-21)
Japanese American man and woman pose in front of a car. L to R: Haruno and her husband, Toshiyuki Okano
Couple (ddr-densho-359-17)
img Couple (ddr-densho-359-17)
Toshiyuki and Haruno Okano. Written on the bottom of the photograph "14.4.25" and "Progress Studio 314 Champion St. Bellingham, Wash."
Sixth graders exercising (ddr-densho-37-478)
img Sixth graders exercising (ddr-densho-37-478)
Original WRA caption: Jerome Relocation Center, Dermott, Arkansas. View of 5th and 6th graders going through their exercises on elementary school grounds.
Family portrait (ddr-densho-359-32)
img Family portrait (ddr-densho-359-32)
Left to right: Haruno and Toshiyuki Okano, with son Masaru in his lap
Group outing (ddr-densho-359-25)
img Group outing (ddr-densho-359-25)
Japanese American outing. Several members of the outing pose in front of a car. From left: Yoneko "Niki" Okano and Haruno Okano with unidentified baby, unidentified boy, Toshiyuki Okano.
Looking at photographs (ddr-densho-359-478)
img Looking at photographs (ddr-densho-359-478)
Haruno and Toshiyuki Okano look through photographs while Alice Okano looks on.
Group pose in front of dry cleaners (ddr-densho-359-123)
img Group pose in front of dry cleaners (ddr-densho-359-123)
Ayako Okano and her mother, Haruno Okano, stand on the left and right of an unidentified woman in the top row; Masaru Okano and his father, Toshiyuki Okano sit second and third from the left on the bottom row. The Okano family owned and operated a dry cleaning/laundry business in a few different Western Washington cities …
Family portrait (ddr-densho-359-33)
img Family portrait (ddr-densho-359-33)
Toshiyuki Okano with his first two children, left to right: Masaru and Yoneko Okano
School band photograph (ddr-densho-359-34)
img School band photograph (ddr-densho-359-34)
Japanese boys in school uniforms pose with their band instruments for a group photograph. Masaru Okano lived in Japan from 1923-1933.
Men in suits (ddr-densho-359-1536)
img Men in suits (ddr-densho-359-1536)
Left to right: Sadao Masuko, Toshiyuki Okano, unidentified man, Phil Okano
U.S. soldiers (ddr-densho-179-119)
img U.S. soldiers (ddr-densho-179-119)
T/4 Stanley Ito, Sgt. Warren Sakuma, 1st Lt. John Flagler, 1st Lt. Lawrence Boggs, Sgt. Shigeru Sato, T/3 Harry Okano, T/4 Frank Mizuno, T/3 Osami Yamamoto, Sgt. Tom Matsumoto, Sgt. Bob Oda, 1st Lt. John Flagler, Sgt. Tomotsu Nagao, Sgt. Akira Nakamura.
Group Portrait (ddr-densho-359-24)
img Group Portrait (ddr-densho-359-24)
Left to right: Toshiyuki Okano with children, Minoru, Masaru, Ayako, Yoneko Okano
Japanese Americans at a party (ddr-densho-37-756)
img Japanese Americans at a party (ddr-densho-37-756)
Original WRA caption: Mabel Nishimura and George Fujikawa enjoying the last farewell party together. George is leaving for Tule Lake center.
Family group photograph (ddr-densho-359-1531)
img Family group photograph (ddr-densho-359-1531)
Okano family: back row: Min Okano, Ayako Masuko, Alice Okano; middle row: Toshiyuki and Haruno Okano, Niki Okano; bottom row: Phil Okano with Rick Masuko, Bob Okano
Wedding guests (ddr-densho-359-477)
img Wedding guests (ddr-densho-359-477)
Groom Min Okano poses with his family. Left to right, standing: Phil and Alice Okano, Ayako Masuko with son Rick, David Shikuma, Min Okano, Bob Okano. Left to right, seated: Haruno and Toshiyuki Okano, Niki and Kenji Shikuma
Reveille Volume 1, Number 6 (ddr-densho-390-138)
doc Reveille Volume 1, Number 6 (ddr-densho-390-138)
The sixth issue of the Reveille includes articles about Mother's Day, a short story, upcoming events, updates on troops at other camps, and more.
11th Triennial Nisei Veterans Reunion Maui News supplement (ddr-densho-390-139)
doc 11th Triennial Nisei Veterans Reunion Maui News supplement (ddr-densho-390-139)
Articles on the 11th Nisei Veterans Reunion held in Maui, with a list of participants. Walter Matsuoka is listed on page 24 with the Veterans of Foreign Wars.
Heart Mountain Sentinel Vol. I No. 1 (October 24, 1942) (ddr-densho-97-99)
doc Heart Mountain Sentinel Vol. I No. 1 (October 24, 1942) (ddr-densho-97-99)
Selected article titles: "Residents to Name Charter Delegates" (p. 1), "Heart Mountain Inspires Name for New Project Newspaper" (p. 1), "Griffin Warns Reckless Drivers" (p. 1), "First Copies Sent Roosevelt, Myer" (p. 1), "Two Cases Tried by Heart Mountain Court" (p. 2), "Residents Warned of Bogus Wardens" (p. 2), "USO Plans for Center Under Way" (p. …