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Masao Okamura (ddr-csujad-8-57)
doc Masao Okamura (ddr-csujad-8-57)
Oral history interview with Masao Okamura. Information on the oral history project is found in: csuf_stp_0012A; Glossary in: csuf_stp_0014. See this object in the California State Universities Japanese American Digitization project site: FCPL Okamura, Masao
Masao Okamura, a Japanese flautist (ddr-njpa-4-2011)
img Masao Okamura, a Japanese flautist (ddr-njpa-4-2011)
Caption on front [translation]: "Flute. Masao Okamura. The sound of the flute is a mild, cheerful and light one. The sound even has a warm heart. It would be like a rich poem. A violin is a musical instrument which is suitable to be played in the early evening in spring. On the other hand, a …
Pacific Citizen, Vol. 43, No. 1 (July 6, 1956) (ddr-pc-28-27)
doc Pacific Citizen, Vol. 43, No. 1 (July 6, 1956) (ddr-pc-28-27)
Selected article titles: "Neighbors, press sympathize with L.A. Issei couple ordered to leave" (p. 1), "Nisei teacher turned down in bid for home in Centerville, No. Calif. papers disclose" (p. 1), "Strandee retains U.S. citizenship" (p. 2), "N.Y. interracial housing project invites Nisei" (p. 2), "Japanese traits studied by CLers" (p. 2), "Japanese church groups not …