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Wakaichi Ohashi at cemetery (ddr-densho-442-133)
img Wakaichi Ohashi at cemetery (ddr-densho-442-133)
Photograph of Wakaichi "Buck" Ohashi standing in-between his parent's grave stones- George Jasomatsu Ohashi on the left, Shika Ohashi on the right.
Japanese Center in Ketchikan (ddr-densho-442-88)
img Japanese Center in Ketchikan (ddr-densho-442-88)
Photograph of four men standing outside the Japanese Center in Ketchikan, Alaska. Identified left to right is Kichijiro "George" Suzuki, unidentified, Mr. Hagiwara, and Jasomatsu "George" Ohashi.
Picnic at the water (ddr-densho-442-41)
img Picnic at the water (ddr-densho-442-41)
Photograph of a group of eight standing and seated on a log by a body of water. Identified from left to right is: Bill Tatsuda, Neil Jiro Ohashi, Hope Nobuko Ohashi, Wakaichi "Buck" Ohashi, Mary (Ohashi) Yamato, Jasomatsu "George" Ohashi, Ruth Tomo Ohashi, and Helen Nakashima.
Ohashi Family business (ddr-densho-442-53)
img Ohashi Family business (ddr-densho-442-53)
Photograph of George Ohashi's family of outside the pool room and lodging house he ran. From left to right is Shika Ohashi holding Ruth Tomo Ohashi, Mary Haruko (Ohashi) Yamato, and George Ohashi.
Terao funeral (ddr-densho-442-5)
img Terao funeral (ddr-densho-442-5)
Photograph of mourners in attendance at the funeral of Tomsabaro Terao. Front row left to right: Keiko Togo and Jimmy Tatsuda II. Second row: unknown, unknown, unknown, Bill Tatsuda, Charlie Tatsuda, Abe Hagiwara, Ruth Ohashi, John Tomita, unknown, Pat Hagiwara, Cherry, Tatsuda, unknown, Frank Tomita, and Mike Hagiwara. Third row: unknown, Mr. Faulkner, Mr. Inouye, Jimmy …
Collection Wakaichi "Buck" Ohashi Family Collection (ddr-densho-442)
Wakaichi "Buck" Ohashi Family Collection is a photo album of the Ohashi family. The album primarily contains photographs of the Ohashi family and the Japanese American community in Ketchikan, Alaska prior to WWII. Jasomatsu "George" Ohashi (1872-1934) immigrated to Ketchikan, Alaska around 1900 with his wife Shika, leaving his young son Wakaichi “Buck” in Japan. He …