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Nisei soldiers (ddr-densho-179-118)
img Nisei soldiers (ddr-densho-179-118)
Sgt. Tomitsu Matsumoto, Sgt. Warren Sakuma, Sgt. Robert Oda, Sgt. Akira Nakamura.
U.S. soldiers (ddr-densho-179-154)
img U.S. soldiers (ddr-densho-179-154)
Chow line. T/4 Tomotsu Nagao, T/4 Robert Oda, T/4 Akira Nakamura.
Okinawan burial tomb (ddr-densho-179-42)
img Okinawan burial tomb (ddr-densho-179-42)
Sgt. Bob Oda and Sgt. Akira Nakamura spent one night in this family burial tomb during Oct. 9, 1945 Okinawa typhoon.
Peace treaty signing (ddr-densho-179-163)
img Peace treaty signing (ddr-densho-179-163)
Left to right: T/3 Tamotsu Matsumoto, T/Sgt. Warren S. Sakuma "Pop", T/3 Robert Oda, T/3 Akira Nakamura.
Nisei soldiers (ddr-densho-179-123)
img Nisei soldiers (ddr-densho-179-123)
T/3 Akira Nakamura, 1st Lt. John Flagler, T/3 Shigeru Sato, T/3 Frank Mizuno, T/3 Harry Okano, T/3 Robert Oda.
U.S. soldiers (ddr-densho-179-119)
img U.S. soldiers (ddr-densho-179-119)
T/4 Stanley Ito, Sgt. Warren Sakuma, 1st Lt. John Flagler, 1st Lt. Lawrence Boggs, Sgt. Shigeru Sato, T/3 Harry Okano, T/4 Frank Mizuno, T/3 Osami Yamamoto, Sgt. Tom Matsumoto, Sgt. Bob Oda, 1st Lt. John Flagler, Sgt. Tomotsu Nagao, Sgt. Akira Nakamura.
Amache Reunion materials folder (ddr-densho-390-140)
doc Amache Reunion materials folder (ddr-densho-390-140)
An Amache reunion materials folder with an itinerary printed on the inside.
Thanksgiving Menu (ddr-densho-368-686)
doc Thanksgiving Menu (ddr-densho-368-686)
This souvenir menu includes the Thanksgiving menu as well as listing all the men stationed at Camp Joseph T. Robinson, Arkansas.