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Playing Canasta (ddr-densho-477-369)
img Playing Canasta (ddr-densho-477-369)
Photograph of Saburo Nakahara (left), Mary (Kouchi) Nakahara (center), and Takeo Isoshima (right) playing Canasta at their 25th Anniversary party. Looking on is Saburo's daughter, Carol Ann Nakahara. The caption below the phot reads "Family Favorite Canasta game after dinner" in black ink.
Yoshiko Nakahara and grandchildren (ddr-densho-477-357)
img Yoshiko Nakahara and grandchildren (ddr-densho-477-357)
Photograph of Yoshiko (Nakato) Nakahara with 13 of her grandchildren. Back row from left to right: Glenn Isoshima, Elaine Isoshima, Susan Isoshima, and Naomi Isoshima. 3rd row from left to right: Julie Nakahara and Eileen Chikamura. 2nd row from left to right: Michael Chikamura, Sharon Nakahara, and Richard Chikamura. Front row from left to right: Mark …
Nakahara family tree (ddr-densho-477-48)
doc Nakahara family tree (ddr-densho-477-48)
The family tree covers six generations. The title at the top of the page is "Nakahara family tree" written in black ink.
Christmas party at Saburo and Edna Nakahara's (ddr-densho-477-354)
img Christmas party at Saburo and Edna Nakahara's (ddr-densho-477-354)
The caption below the photo reads "Christmas party at Sab (Santa) & Edna's" in black ink. Saburo Nakahara is dressed up as Santa. Front row left to right: Julie Nakahara, unidentified, Sharon Nakahara, Mark Isoshima, Michael Chikahara, and Richard Chikahara. Second row left to right: Elaine Isoshima, Susan Isoshima, Saburo Nakahara, and Eileen Chikahara. Third row …