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Issei clearing land (ddr-densho-46-3)
img Issei clearing land (ddr-densho-46-3)
Karoku (George) Nakashima helps clear the land on his family's dairy farm. Clearing farmland was an arduous task, since many areas were heavily wooded and riddled with stumps or were swampland. Issei were unable to purchase land in their own names due to alien land laws (and were prohibited, until 1954, from becoming American citizens). In …
Dairy farmer and family (ddr-densho-3-3)
img Dairy farmer and family (ddr-densho-3-3)
Kamezo Nakashima and his wife, Miye, ran a large dairy farm (1.300 acres) in Days, Washington. Kamezo Nakashima (right) is pictured here with six of his eleven children (left to right): Teruyo, Karoku (George), Yoneo (Johnny), Tsutaye (Sue), Masato, and Masumi. Days, Washington, no longer exists. This site is currently near the town of Arlington in …
Friends on dairy farm (ddr-densho-3-2)
img Friends on dairy farm (ddr-densho-3-2)
Kamezo and Miye Nakashima operated a large dairy farm in Days, Washington. The Nakashimas had eleven children, nine of whom lived in the United States. Seven of those children are pictured here (left to right): Ayako, Yoneo (Johnny), Masato, Teruyo, unidentified child, Tsutaye (Sue), Karoku (George), unidentified child, and Masumi. The man standing in the back …