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Shigeo & Chiseko (Murakami) Nagaishi Family (ddr-densho-459-11)
img Shigeo & Chiseko (Murakami) Nagaishi Family (ddr-densho-459-11)
Nagaishi family standing outside. Back row: Shiego Nagashi and Chiseko Nagaishi. Front row: Amy Nagaishi, Haruko Nagaishi, and Kikue Nagaishi
Nagaishi family standing outside garage with graffiti (ddr-densho-459-10)
img Nagaishi family standing outside garage with graffiti (ddr-densho-459-10)
Nagaishi family in front of their garage after returning from Minidoka. Written on garage: "No Japs Wanted" and "No Japs Wanted Here".
Moritsuchi Murakami Family (ddr-densho-459-5)
img Moritsuchi Murakami Family (ddr-densho-459-5)
Moritsuchi-Murakami family outside. Identified left to right back row: Ken Murakami, Shig Nagaishi, Ben Murakami, and George Murakami. Middle row: Hinako (Murakami) Dogen, Mitsuko (Murakami) Otani, Isoko (Murakami) Yoshihara, Sueko (Murakami) Fujikado, Chiseko Nagaishi and Haruko Nagaishi. Front row: Yoshi (Murakami) Morimoto and Moritsuchi Murakami. Front row: Yoshio Murakami and Washin Murakami