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Japanese American in a field (ddr-densho-37-730)
img Japanese American in a field (ddr-densho-37-730)
Original WRA caption: Mr. Kamaya examining plants, soy bean field.
WAC recruitment (ddr-densho-37-32)
img WAC recruitment (ddr-densho-37-32)
Original WRA caption: An evacuee girl is interviewed by three members of the WAC who visited the Minidoka Relocation Center to accept enlistment of Japanese-American girls.
Administration building (ddr-densho-37-825)
img Administration building (ddr-densho-37-825)
Original WRA caption: Minidoka Relocation Center, Hunt, Idaho. Main administration building.
Japanese Americans at a party (ddr-densho-37-756)
img Japanese Americans at a party (ddr-densho-37-756)
Original WRA caption: Mabel Nishimura and George Fujikawa enjoying the last farewell party together. George is leaving for Tule Lake center.
Japanese Americans in front of remodeled barrack (ddr-densho-37-51)
img Japanese Americans in front of remodeled barrack (ddr-densho-37-51)
Japanese Americans tried to make camp life more tolerable in many creative ways, such as renovating their barracks.
Funeral service (ddr-densho-37-675)
img Funeral service (ddr-densho-37-675)
Original WRA caption: Reverend L.H. Tibesar, Maryknoll missionary assigned to work with the Catholic group at the Minidoka Relocation Center, conducts a grave side service at the little cemetery cleared out of the sage land adjacent to Minidoka Relocation Center, Hunt, Idaho.
Flooded conditions (ddr-densho-37-690)
img Flooded conditions (ddr-densho-37-690)
Original WRA caption: Flooded area east of Block 3.
Japanese Americans relocating to a different camp (ddr-densho-37-61)
img Japanese Americans relocating to a different camp (ddr-densho-37-61)
Original WRA caption: Baggage of Tule Lake transferees sorted and piled accordingly at Hunt siding. Most of the baggage was delivered to the owners the same day.
Home economics class (ddr-densho-37-39)
img Home economics class (ddr-densho-37-39)
Original WRA caption: Students in the high school home economics class.
Family inside barracks (ddr-densho-37-662)
img Family inside barracks (ddr-densho-37-662)
Original WRA caption: "Horizontal Hank" Hank Gosho and Baby
High school graduation (ddr-densho-37-33)
img High school graduation (ddr-densho-37-33)
Original WRA caption: Students of the Hunt High School dress in caps and gowns for Commencement exercises.
Group in camp's Catholic church (ddr-densho-37-685)
img Group in camp's Catholic church (ddr-densho-37-685)
Original WRA caption: The Most Reverend Edward J. Kelley, Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Boise, Idaho, visited the Catholic church at the Minidoka Relocation Center, Hunt, Idaho, on October 19 to conduct confirmation services for this class of children and adults. The Reverend L.H. Tibesar, Maryknoll missionary, who is pastor of the Hunt church, is …
Field irrigation (ddr-densho-37-701)
img Field irrigation (ddr-densho-37-701)
Original WRA caption: Irrigation of a new field adjacent to the Minidoka Relocation Center is started within a short time after the area was cleared of sagebrush.
Japanese Americans harvesting onions (ddr-densho-37-710)
img Japanese Americans harvesting onions (ddr-densho-37-710)
Original WRA caption: High school boys and girls of Hunt pull onions on the project farm during harvest vacation.
Christmas decorations (ddr-densho-37-11)
img Christmas decorations (ddr-densho-37-11)
Original WRA caption: Christmas decorations in Block 1 dining hall.
View between barracks (ddr-densho-37-715)
img View between barracks (ddr-densho-37-715)
Original WRA caption: Looking down the barracks from 34 to 44.
Clearing land (ddr-densho-37-36)
img Clearing land (ddr-densho-37-36)
Clearing land (?) Many camps raised livestock such as chickens and pigs, as well as vegetables, for camp consumption. This land is presumably being cleared for farm use.
Family outside barracks (ddr-densho-37-2)
img Family outside barracks (ddr-densho-37-2)
Original WRA caption: Sakamoto family picture on golden wedding anniversary of Joseph Gerald Osamu Sakamoto and Mary Ann Tsuchi Sakamoto, both 80, at the Minidoka Relocation Center on December 11, 1943. Married in Japan, they came to the United States in 1894. Mr. Sakamoto was an early Seattle hotel proprietor. His son, James Y. Sakamoto, 40, …
Japanese Americans preparing a garden (ddr-densho-37-723)
img Japanese Americans preparing a garden (ddr-densho-37-723)
Original WRA caption: Hunt High School students clean and rake areas between classroom barrack buildings preparatory for planting rye.
Cross country run winners (ddr-densho-37-692)
img Cross country run winners (ddr-densho-37-692)
Original WRA caption: Pictured are the nine winners and officials of the Cross Country Run sponsored by the "olverine Club" last Friday afternoon, March 24. Pictured left to right are: First row--midget division winners-- Teddy Yamada, 3rd place; Goro Todo, 1st place; Jack Hirai, 2nd place. Second row--junior division winners-- Harry Nagaoka, 2nd place; Ray Mitsudo, …