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Family outside barracks (ddr-densho-37-673)
img Family outside barracks (ddr-densho-37-673)
Original WRA caption: Sakamoto family picture on golden wedding anniversary of Joseph Gerald Osamu Sakamoto and Mary Ann Tsuchi Sakamoto, both 80, at the Minidoka Relocation Center on December 11, 1943. Married in Japan, they came to the U.S. in 1894. Mr. Sakamoto was an early Seattle hotel proprietor. His son, James Y. Sakamoto, 40, is …
Nisei military volunteers (ddr-densho-37-329)
img Nisei military volunteers (ddr-densho-37-329)
Original WRA caption: A family group picture of the Sakura family. Left to right are, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Sakura and their baby, Frederick Scott Sakura, 10 weeks old; Chester is holding Chester, Jr., age 2; John David, age 7, is standing in [front] of Mrs. Chester Sakura; Gerald 3-1/2 is in front of Kenny; Mrs. …
Japanese Americans swimming in irrigation canal (ddr-densho-37-326)
img Japanese Americans swimming in irrigation canal (ddr-densho-37-326)
Original WRA caption: Swimming hole located south of warehouse area adjacent to the North Side Irrigation Canal which may be seen at upper right. Water flows from canal into pool and out again. The average depth of the pool is 6 feet.
Elementary school flagpole dedication (ddr-densho-37-718)
img Elementary school flagpole dedication (ddr-densho-37-718)
Original WRA caption: Dedication of the flag pole at the Stafford Elementary School conducted by the Boy Scouts of the Hunt troop. The Stafford School is one of two elementary schools in the Minidoka Relocation Center.
Hunt High School students (ddr-densho-37-17)
img Hunt High School students (ddr-densho-37-17)
Original WRA caption: Students of the Hunt High School at the Minidoka Relocation Center, receive final grades from Miss Jones.
Queen of Hunt High School (ddr-densho-37-4)
img Queen of Hunt High School (ddr-densho-37-4)
Original WRA caption: Queen of Hunt High School May Day Festival being crowned by Richard A. Pomeroy, Supt. of Education, is shown with her attendants. The court was chosen by popular vote in a contest sponsored by the student body. Left to right: Pri[n]ce Victor Fujioka, Princess Dorothy Sugawara, Mr. Pomeroy, Queen Betty Aoki, Princess Sue …
Japanese Americans gathering and burning sagebrush (ddr-densho-37-722)
img Japanese Americans gathering and burning sagebrush (ddr-densho-37-722)
Original WRA caption: Children of the Stafford Elementary School picking up sagebrush and piling and burning in one of the farm fields near the school cleared out of raw sagebrush. Children planted and took care of vegetable crops in this area.
Nisei serviceman with wife and daughter (ddr-densho-37-751)
img Nisei serviceman with wife and daughter (ddr-densho-37-751)
Original WRA caption: T/4 Taniguchi visits his wife and daughter at the Minidoka Relocation Center before returning to his unit in the Pacific. Taniguchi volunteered for the Army in 1942 when he and his family were at Tule Lake before it became a segregation center. He served in the China-Burma-India theatre and served on load to …
Japanese Americans clearing sagebrush (ddr-densho-37-703)
img Japanese Americans clearing sagebrush (ddr-densho-37-703)
Original WRA caption: A farm rake pulled by a Fordon-Ferguson tractor gathers up sagebrush previously bladed off by a road patrol.
Camp beauty shop (ddr-densho-37-16)
img Camp beauty shop (ddr-densho-37-16)
Original WRA caption: High school girls working part time in [the] beauty shop, which is operated by the Minidoka Consumers Cooperative.
Flag dedication (ddr-densho-37-682)
img Flag dedication (ddr-densho-37-682)
Original WRA caption: Dedication of the project flag and flagpole in the administration area. Attended by representatives of American Legion post of Twin Falls, Idaho and by civic officials of Twin Falls and Jerome, Idaho.
Farm workers' mess hall (ddr-densho-37-731)
img Farm workers' mess hall (ddr-densho-37-731)
Original WRA caption: Shown is the farm mess hall where the farmers had their meals for a short time. Built sometime in 1944 it is acclaimed by many to be the most cleanest and having the prettiest surroundings.
Camp irrigation workers (ddr-densho-37-729)
img Camp irrigation workers (ddr-densho-37-729)
Original WRA caption: Establishing irrigation controls, land reclamation.
Japanese Americans transferring to a different camp (ddr-densho-37-64)
img Japanese Americans transferring to a different camp (ddr-densho-37-64)
Original WRA caption: A group of 254 evacuees transferred from the Minidoka Relocation Center to the Tule Lake Center boards the train at Hunt siding after riding the five miles from the center in trucks.
Lifeguards (ddr-densho-37-6)
img Lifeguards (ddr-densho-37-6)
Original WRA caption: Volunteer lifeguards at outdoor swimming hol[e] constructed close to north side irrigation canal. At left is Willard Jeager, Hunt High School teacher and volunteer Red Cross life-saving instructor. At right is Walter Kipp, community activities supervisor.
Registration of camp new arrivals (ddr-densho-37-62)
img Registration of camp new arrivals (ddr-densho-37-62)
Original WRA caption: Transferees from Tule Lake relocation center being registered for housing immediately after inspection of baggage. It was arranged so that the people arriving by truck from the rail siding unloaded their baggage for inspection and received their housing assignments at the same time and then got back on the trucks for delivery to …
Girls preparing for commencement (ddr-densho-37-691)
img Girls preparing for commencement (ddr-densho-37-691)
Original WRA caption: Girls at the Hunt High School, Minidoka Relocation Center, prepare for commencement exercises.
Christmas decorations (ddr-densho-37-679)
img Christmas decorations (ddr-densho-37-679)
Original WRA caption: Christmas decorations in Dining Hall 34. In the background is a painted scene of the area around the center. The model buildings are a typical block.
Home economics class (ddr-densho-37-724)
img Home economics class (ddr-densho-37-724)
Original WRA caption: Students in the High School Home Economics Class.
Japanese Americans harvesting onions (ddr-densho-37-714)
img Japanese Americans harvesting onions (ddr-densho-37-714)
Original WRA caption: High school boys and girls pull onions on the project farm during harvest vacation.