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doc "Minidoka Project War Relocation Authority Transferees and New Colonists" (ddr-densho-291-26)
List of people transferred from various other camps to Minidoka concentration camp.
Japanese Americans arriving by train (ddr-densho-37-824)
img Japanese Americans arriving by train (ddr-densho-37-824)
Original WRA caption: Eden, Idaho. A train bringing approximately six hundred evacuees from the assembly center at Puyallup, Washington. Buses, used to transport these people to the Minidoka War Relocation Authority center, are waiting at the siding.
Japanese American clearing land (ddr-densho-37-706)
img Japanese American clearing land (ddr-densho-37-706)
Original WRA caption: An evacuee drives a heavy tractor pulling a triangle of heavy railroad irons breaking off sagebrush. This is one of the methods of clearing off land of the sagebrush adjacent to the Minidoka Relocation Center.
Japanese Americans relocating to a different camp (ddr-densho-37-58)
img Japanese Americans relocating to a different camp (ddr-densho-37-58)
Original WRA caption: A Minidoka Relocation Center evacuee and an evacuee being transferred to the Tule Lake Center grasp hands in a final farewell as the train carrying 254 evacuees to the Tule Lake Center prepares to leave.
Preinduction physical (ddr-densho-37-1)
img Preinduction physical (ddr-densho-37-1)
Original WRA caption: Pre-induction physical. The Minidoka incarceration camp produced more Japanese American military volunteers than any other camp.
Christmas decoration contest (ddr-densho-37-15)
img Christmas decoration contest (ddr-densho-37-15)
Original WRA caption: Dining hall 32 won fourth place with its beautiful centerpiece complete with life-size Santa Claus in the Christmas dining hall decorations contest.
Fire crew (ddr-densho-37-693)
img Fire crew (ddr-densho-37-693)
Original WRA caption: The fire crew of station #1 swings into action.
Japanese American ice skating (ddr-densho-37-677)
img Japanese American ice skating (ddr-densho-37-677)
Original WRA caption: Girl skating on a frozen pond in the center.
Japanese Americans working in a field (ddr-densho-37-709)
img Japanese Americans working in a field (ddr-densho-37-709)
Original WRA caption: Junior High School boys and girls of Hunt pull onions on the project farm during harvest vacation.
Group in camp director's office (ddr-densho-37-735)
img Group in camp director's office (ddr-densho-37-735)
The Minidoka concentration camp director, Harry Stafford, is seated at his desk.
Christmas decorations (ddr-densho-37-12)
img Christmas decorations (ddr-densho-37-12)
Original WRA caption: "Block 1 dining hall." Block residents cleverly decorated their dining halls with waste material for Christmas. The blocks were judged for their decorations and ingenuity.
Japanese Americans sorting Christmas presents (ddr-densho-37-678)
img Japanese Americans sorting Christmas presents (ddr-densho-37-678)
Original WRA caption: Santa's Helpers - Through kind donations from thoughtful friends all over the United States, a happy and merry Christmas will be possible for the children of Hunt. Thousands of presents have been sent in day after day, swamping Rec. 21 and overflowing the Federated Christian church office.
Japanese Americans harvesting corn (ddr-densho-37-708)
img Japanese Americans harvesting corn (ddr-densho-37-708)
Original WRA caption: Harvesting the first corn crop at the Minidoka Relocation Center from fields which were covered with sagebrush last spring.
Land reclamation farm (ddr-densho-37-31)
img Land reclamation farm (ddr-densho-37-31)
Original WRA caption: Land reclamation farm. Mr. Kamaya and [Camp Director] Stafford in Gobo field.